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Aug 2009
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im new at this but how come i read your threads and it takes a year to make wine but i dont understand racking what is that* i* well my wife makes me wine she dont drink it only i do ours turns to brandy in 4 to 5 months its strong im after the flavor i got my beer to get drunk on!!! what why how please help

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Racking means you move it from one fermentor to the next. It helps to get it off the yeast after awhile and provide a fresh enviornment. Wine doesn't really take a year to make, it can be done faster. But if you want good wine, it takes patience.

I myself don't make wine, but I'm sure others can fill you in on the exact process.
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I'm not really sure what you're after. You sent me a recipe for peach wine (that you call brandy). By definition, brandy is a distilled beverage. Otherwise, you're making wine. Generally, wine does take a long time to mature, but some varieties mature faster than others (do a search for "apfelwein" for a rather quick one).

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You can make decent tasting wine in as little as 1 to 2 weeks but it wont be clear and it wont be to its full potential..... extra time to rack it and age it just make it better.

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OP: Can you phrase that as a question???

And Yuri is correct, brandy is a distilled liquor. Wine doesn't just miraculously turn into brandy if you leave it sitting around. Most domestic beers are 4-9% ABV, wine is typically around 12% ABV (7.5-15% according to the FDA definitions). Brandy is generally 40-45% ABV. Even the hardiest turbo yeast strains can't hit much above 22% ABV.

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