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Never had any issues with pellet hops. And they certainly don't "SUCK". Try using a small nylon hop bag-fine mesh. Or pour your wort through a strainer into your bucket. Just don't speak ill of hops-in any form!

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The only reason I don't like them in the fermenter is because I reuse yeast. I get better results form later generations, even of dry yeasts. Counter flow or plate chillers can get clogged with it, so can my bottle filler.

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Originally Posted by IrregularPulse View Post
Lots of things SUCK if you're not setup to use them. Don't say Pellets SUCK, Say pellets suck for your particular setup.

I use a pickup tube with a SS Scrubbie around it and never have a problem with using pellet or whole leaf hops.

It's fine to not prefer one thing over another but don't' spread incorrect information.

Works Wonders for filtering hop trub, hot and cold break.
...and for smokin' rock, b#tches!
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Originally Posted by IrregularPulse View Post
He simply can't handle our awesomeness.

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I've made many batches with pellets and never had a need to filter my beer. It's gone into my primary and has always settled into the trub with no problem.
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So your prognosis on pellets is based on a beer that hasn't even fermented yet? They'll settle out. I promise. To me, hops preference is an "it depends" sort of thing. I prefer pellet in the boil and leaf to dry hop. But it's not like I'd change my recipe just because my LHBS had only had my hop in leaf instead of pellet or vice versa.

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Originally Posted by barracudamagoo View Post

Used them for the first, and last, time yesterday. It was a bear trying to pour out the wort and not get some of the trub in there. I used a grain bag, which helped a little; but, there was still a lot that found it's way out. Oh well, only whole hops for me!
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I prefer pellets over plugs and whole hops, although I don't have too much trouble with the other types.

I just autosiphon from the kettle into the fermenter, and what gets through, gets through. Hasn't ever hurt anything.

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Pellets RULE!!!

There, now we're even.

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Originally Posted by SteveM View Post
I just dump them right into the fermenter. They will compact themselves into the bottom and you can easily siphon out above them. It all comes out in the wash.
Well, you beat me to it. I use a bag, but still get some bits of hop coming out in the wort, but who cares, they always settle out and compact at the bottom and I have yet to notice them in my beer.

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I like pellets for FWH and very late additions (like flameout additions or 2 minutes after flameout) because they 'dissolve' quicker. Whole leaf for most everything else. They are harder to filter but it doesn't take that much longer. I just use a spoon to scrape the mesh until the funnel is empty then dump the trub/hop matter and start over. As long as I let the wort in the boil kettle settle then I only have to do that at the very end and only a couple of times.

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