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Dec 2008
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Used them for the first, and last, time yesterday. It was a bear trying to pour out the wort and not get some of the trub in there. I used a grain bag, which helped a little; but, there was still a lot that found it's way out. Oh well, only whole hops for me!
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He simply can't handle our awesomeness.

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welcome to the anti pellet club!

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There is tradeoffs between pellets and leaf hops. I am still working on methods to filter better, and there are several suggestions on this forum I haven't gotten around to trying yet. I've got a boil kettle with a ball valve welded on, but it stops at the pot wall so there is no internal pickup tube to place a filter on.

The big downside with pellets is they are harder to filter. The upsides though are pretty good. If you buy in bulk they use way less room to store, and store over time better. I usually put a pound in a couple vacuumed mason jars. Also you get a little bit better utilization from them as well, so you don't have to use quite as much.
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And I go the other way completely. Siphoning from the kettle into the fermenter, whole hops like to clog things up all of the time, making pellets much easier to work with.

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Apr 2009
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Just use a hop bag. Simple solution, for me that keeps all pellet trub out of the wort. A grain bag is not the same as a hop bag - my guess is your grain bag is a loose mesh, not fine mesh.

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Lots of things SUCK if you're not setup to use them. Don't say Pellets SUCK, Say pellets suck for your particular setup.

I use a pickup tube with a SS Scrubbie around it and never have a problem with using pellet or whole leaf hops.

It's fine to not prefer one thing over another but don't' spread incorrect information.

Works Wonders for filtering hop trub, hot and cold break.
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Jan 2008
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There are certainly benefits to pellets. For me though, I prefer not to use them. I have a boilermaker with a hop screen and can only use leaf hops with it. I'll use pellets for some european styles, but will not use them for american styles, especially hoppy ones. I get a grassy flavor, that I don't like. And it's not just my hops, I taste it in some commercial beers as well. But, everyone has their preference. Plus, I thinkk my parents/friends are starting to get annoyed that I've "borrowed" some of their ffreezer space since mine is filed to the max (not even room for food).

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Jul 2009
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I've only used pellets but I've only brewed 6 batches so far. I tried a hop bag for the first time on the last batch and it worked great. I also had someone suggest the paint bag filter you can get from Home Depot - plus you can configure a simple setup to have it suspended above your kettle (I haven't done this yet). The batch I used the bag on came out really great too. Finally, a few people told me not to try to filter the spent pellets and just put them into the primary.

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I use both whole and pellets but prefer pellets. I siphon after whirlpool or just dump the whole thing in the fermenter (never have used a bag.) Whole soak up more wort, don't keep as well and use more space in the freezer.
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I just dump them right into the fermenter. They will compact themselves into the bottom and you can easily siphon out above them. It all comes out in the wash.
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