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Hi brewers,

Once I'm finished brewing my next three AG batches, I would like to do a session mild and a porter. I'm looking for highly qualified recommendations, be it by number of brewers who have used that recipe or by sheer praise of it's overall taste and body.

Justin H.
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You definitely win my award for "Most Enthusiastic New Brewer".

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This is a very popular mild

and here is a porter I've brewed, along with many others, and really liked
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That combo would be perfectly suited for a partigyle I think, just knock out both in the same brew day using the same mash. I was planning something similar already for my next brew day actually. Here was my plan (batch sparging, first sparge goes to the porter, and the next one to the mild) I assumed that for the first sparge (or runnings) you get about 55% eff for a 5.5 gallon batch, and even if it's off one-way or another a few % points, I set the OG to fall centerish into the robust porter category at 1.058, so there's some amount of play in there.

Procrastination Porter: (55% eff)
13# UK pale malt
1.5# UK crystal 55L
.75# brown malt
.75# chocolate malt (UK)
.5# black patent malt

2oz [email protected]
1oz [email protected]

Fermented with WLP037 Yorkshire Square Ale Yeast

the mild becomes a bit more complicated to figure out, as the eff% you get is quite variable depending on your system, but I usually assume about 30% if you get 55-60 on your first beer, So that comes up with a second beer that is about 1.032, which is medium/low for a dark mild. Toss in about .5# of extra crystal 55L as a top-off grain when you add in the extra sparge water (or after your first runnings) and let it sit for 15 mins or so if you want some extra dextrins and caramel flavors in your mild, (dextrin powder in the boil would also help the mouth feel) or you can just leave it as is. The only hop addition on the mild would be 1oz of [email protected] You can switch up the yeast if you want, to something that attenuates lower, but I was planning on sticking with the Yorkshire Square Ale yeast.

This recipe was really a vehicle for the WLP037, as it is rumored to be the Samuel Smith's strain. The grist itself was based off of a bunch of clone recipes I have seen for the Taddy porter, along with some tweaks and adjustments to make it more of what I wanted.

If you're missing another burner and brewpot for the mild we can do a group brew of this one, I mean, you are right up in PB.
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+1 Freezerblade. I saw the title and was thinking Partiiiiiiigyle! I'd recommend using beer smith so that you can calculate blending if you want more or less of a stronger or weaker brew
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