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Originally Posted by midfielder5 View Post
Ha ha! Well, there is certainly room for improvement given the score [37/50].
4 cases is a lot of one beer style to drink or give away. Otherwise... not a bad idea. thanks.
Have a party and go thru it. I brewed 2 batches and had a get together and we almost kicked 1 of the kegs. I did not get the turnout I would have liked to see, but seeing everyone enjoy themselves made me feel good.

Drunken Rockband was a nice addition!!!
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Yoop, I know you said score sheets were being sent out ASAP but do you know when that will be? I'm not trying to rush anyone, just trying to get an idea. I'm drinking another of what I thought was my best shot at a medal (my oktoberfest) right now and can't figure out how it didn't do better than my two beers that did place! I can't wait to see the scoresheet. I'm hoping they just had some problem with it and that it wasn't a problem caused by it heating up on the trip there.
I'm too lazy and have too many beers going to keep updating this!

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That's a very nice offer. The tap handles you make are beautifully crafted.

Originally Posted by FisherWoodcraft View Post
Well, if you have any need of a taphandle, wine bottle stoppers or a bowl for beer nuts, I'd be happy to chip in a tap handle or $50 towards anything else I make that tickles your fancy.

-Joe, trying not to make off-color comments about sharing his wood. And failing.

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Reverend JC
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Score sheets will be sent out as soon as I the ribbons in my hands.
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Originally Posted by Reverend JC View Post
Score sheets will be sent out as soon as I the ribbons in my hands.
Thanks again for all your work on this contest! I really appreciate the updates and pictures etc, I've never been in a contest that communicates so well with the participants
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I haven't received it yet but DeepSea was kind enough to send me a couple of pics of the mash paddle. I kept it simple. Can't wait to use it.

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Wow- that's great! Great idea to post pictures, too!

If everybody would let us know when they get their prizes, that would be helpful. The prizes (except for Lumpy_Gravy's) are coming from the vendors. If anybody gets stiffed (besides me), let me know!
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Old 10-17-2009, 07:03 PM   #108

Already got my nikobrew cert and used it to order 2lbs of hops! I think I'll use them all in my next batch of Hopinator

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Links to my winning recipes:



The second recipe is SuperiorBrew's so all the credit for the recipe goes to him. Except for minor variations to make it fit my system it is the recipe I used for the beer.
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Boar Beer
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Used my Nikobrew certificate and have ordered some cascade hops.
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