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Jan 2009
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I was wondering if anyone has made a mead with the intention of only getting 4-6% alcohol? I was thinking of doing such an experiment but couldnt decide what types of yeast to use. I was thinking ale yeast since the would have less of a tolerance and die out before completely drying the mead out. I am also trying to find out if I can make a drinkable mead in a shorter amount of time because less alcohols are produced therefore it needs less aging.

If I get enough input on 3-5 yeast strains to try by this weekend I will drum up some 1 gallon batches.

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I used s-04 in apfelwein to try to make it less rocket-fuely. It attenuated quite a bit, but not as much as subsequent batches made with Montrachet. I have only made one mead, and its 3 months into a 6 month minimum prior to bottling. I do not remember the yeast, but followed summer solstice's recipe for carmel apple mead. I would look into one of the lower attenuating ale strains (not s-05 or Nottingham). Something estery like a hefeweizen strain might be good to try out as well.

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It's called a hydromel, and they can be very good.

I'd use Notty and be prepared to backsweeten.

If you want a good light recipe, homebrewer_99's lemonade mead is EXTREMELY good and light enough to drink a lot of.

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Sep 2008
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I've been experimenting with this very issue the passed few months.
Yesterday (10-9-09) I bottled a Basic mead with ABV of 6.1%. Mead was brewed on 9-11-09 and settled out very clear and nice.
Flavor was pleasent and very drinkable.

I've been trying different ranges of ABV to find something that's fast to make and easy to drink. I'm finding that 8%-10% is working good for me.

I start by working backwards. I determine my wanted ABV, assume a complete fermentaton with a FG of .996 to 1.00 and work the formula to determine what my SG should be. The formula I use is:

ABV = (SG - FG) * 132.6

When preparing the must I add honey or water to adjust to the wanted SG and go from there.

So far I'm getting close to my wanted ABV

Good luck,


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