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I had posted a question about this some time back if any one had used it. I went ahead a started using uv for saniation on every thing. here is a info list that helped me.



Bacillus anthracis 8700
S. enteritidis 7600
B. Megatherium sp. (veg.) 2500
B. Megatherium sp. (spores) 5200
B. parathyphosus 6100
B. subtilis 11000
B. subtilis spores 22000
Clostridium tetani 22000
Corynebacterium diphtheriae 6500
Eberthella typosa 4100
Escherichlia coli 6600
Micrococcus cadidus 12300
Micrococcus sphaeroides 15400
Mycobacterium tuberculosis 1000
Neisseria catarrhalis 8500
Phytomonas tumefaciens 8500
Proteus vulgaris 6600
Pseudomonas aeruginosa 10500
Pseudomonas fluorescens 6600
S. typhimusium 15200
Salmonella 10000
Sarcina lutea 26400
Sarratia marcescens 6160
Dysentery bacilli 4200
Shigella paradysenteriae 3200
Spirillum rubrum 6160
Staphylococcus albus 5720
Staphylococcus aureus 6600
Streptococcus hemolyticus 5500
Streptococcus lactis 8800
Streptococcus viridans 3800


Saccharomyces ellipsoideus 13200
Saccharomyces sp. 17600
Saccharomyces cerevisiae 13200
Brewer’s yeast 6600
Baker’s yeast 8800
Common yeast cake 13200


Penicillium roqueforti 26400
Penicillium expansum 22000
Penicillium digitatum 88000
Aspergillus glaucus 88000
Aspergillus flavus 99000
Aspergillus niger 330000
Rhisopus nigricans 220000
Mucor racemosus A 35200
Mucor racemosus B 35200
Oospora lactis 11000


Bacteriophage (E. coli) 6600
Tobacco mosaic 44000
Influenza 6600
Paramecium 200000
Nematode eggs 92000
Chlorella vulgaris (algae) 22000

a inch for distance your lamp intensity is 127mw/cm2
the formula is

Intensity X exposure time = Mircowatt second/cm2

i use a 15 watt bulb at 1 inch (127 mw/cm2) so 15 x 127 = 1905 mw/cm2.
A 15 second burst will kill just about every thing on the chart.
i have used it on every thing (no chemicals just water and uv)for 3 batches now. I have not had any contamination. Total Cost for set up has been 25 dollars.

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I use a polished stainless tube UV water purifier as it reflects back vs the cheaper PVC UV systems on the market..
Check under "Garden Pond Solutions"
Trojan Max UV is a whole house system, not cheap vs a stainless Koi pond unit.
http://www.home-water-purifiers-and filters.com/sterilight-uv-sterlizers.php


Have you had your water tested?

This is their address but you may have to try different ways to open their forum.
I used a larger than needed UV lamp system due to the fact it runs 24/7 for the Koi pond as well the UV lamp slowly dies reducing it's UV output. It kills the alage plus anything else in the water provided it's flow is set not to the maximum by the units manufacture. It will sterilize the water.
I use well water to brew with plus for the Koi fish leaving out the chemicals that can kill the fish. I replace my element every 8-10 months, for brewing it should last many lifetimes, reduced when used for house water. This I would add an hour meter to it if for house use and change out when it's hours of use are used up. Stay away from those plastic "El Cheapo's" trust me on this one. The internal stainless reflecting surface as well the quartz tube over the UV lamp should be kept clean for maximum function of the UV unit.
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Feb 2014
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I need a product that looks like this sterilight uv replacement lamps to found. I have problems with clean water. Does anyone know where I can find these?

I think sterilight uv replacement lamps this help.

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