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Good read. Thanks for bringing it up.

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I do just under 1/2 BBL batches at the moment and when I work out the material costs (not incl bottles, but including caps), I come to about $9 for 12 22oz bottles for an authentic ESB (bulk MO as base malt) or mid-range (1.065) IPA.

IMO, where you can really cut costs and headaches is trying to find local bars and taprooms to carry your beer and selling kegs. This is WAY less overhead (allows you better quality control vs bottling in a smaller operation) and even buying brand new unbranded kegs will provide a cost benefit over bottles. Sure, selling bottles or growlers has some advantages, but you may be better able to "get the word out" by going through local establishments.

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Not to suggest a completely ghetto setup, but hear me out

grain: http://www.brewbrothers.biz/
~$30 for a bag of Great Western, $50.33 for 55# of Marris otter. No minimums.

Mash tun, sparge vessel, and boiler--buy three of these from this guy http://eugene.craigslist.org/for/1958367055.html
they are $175 and are in perfect condition. he can convert them to brew pots for $100-$150 each, or you can get a $18 step drill bit and do it yourself. have someone cut the lids off though. his email is jeffreyvandyke@gmail.com and he's about an hour or so away from Portland.

fermenters, either inductor style conicals from http://www.tank-depot.com/productdet...?part=TN1923IN (that's the 15 gallon version i use), stainless tanks like the ones above, or there is a guy on http://eugene.craigslist.com that sells unused (but technically used) HDPE #2 barrels, 55 gallon, for $25. I can't find his ad right now, but they are awesome.

water and sewer in Portland are just gonna be murder. i'd run at least a year long utility cost vs. renting some place east of portland (gresham maybe?).

a march pump, while undersized, won't be in your critical path. save some money and get the $150 model we all use.

electric could be a hell of a lot less expensive with a 1bbl like i'm talking about, but you're gonna need at least 50 amps, and preferably two 50 amp circuits. two 100 amp circuits would be even better. or, propane/natural gas. if you use propane, i'd suggest talking to Ted from Brewers Union Local 180. he has a neat propane setup, and i'm sure he'll talk your ear off Also, he uses plastic kegs which are very, very nice. ask him about the pluses and minuses of that.

anecdotally, when it comes to insulating your fermentation chamber, a few friends of mine in the DIY construction business say it is frequently cheaper to get a dedicated insulation company to do the work for you then to buy and do it yourself. economies of scale, apparently. anyway, another thing to do a little research on.

and finally the hard part--marketing! sorry, can't help you there lots of festivals and whatnot would probably be a less expensive, but labor intensive way to get started. i'm sure there are things i've forgotten, as i am enjoying a wee heavy at this precise moment

oh, and i haven't thought about this very much--why do you ask?
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I'm just kind of curious, do brew pubs have to include a wholesaler into their business to conform to the 3 tier rules. So do they have to sell a keg to a distributor, then buy it back?

To me running a brewpub is the most attractive as you can sell beers for $3 a pint at a minimum and you can still keg and keep costs at a minimum. Hire a head chef to take care of the food. There are more elements to keep in check but as a whole I see more profits to be made.

As for $8 bombers, I don't buy them and have a feeling you'd have a really hard time unloading hundreds of them at a time. The sale prices for whole kegs listed above seems pretty low as well at under $1 a beer.

Brewpubs seem to be the ultimate gamble, max potential profits yet a huge investment. The restaurant biz is a tough one.
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Check out this thread for my nano brewery build.

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I buy bags of malt directly from Canada Malting @ $22-25 for domestic pils, 2-row, pale, munich, wheat, it gets cheaper if you buy over 100.

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