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Feb 2006
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I was just wondering when you guys usually move to secondary? I go based on the air-lock and typically I wait til the bubbles are about a minute apart. Just out of curiosity, when do you guys usually move it to secondary?
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An overall decent beer but it has too much of a banana character, I think it's because of fermenting at too high of a temp. Tasted better as it aged, but far from perfect.

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boo boo
Jun 2005
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I go when it is totally finished. I get a staedy hydro reading for three or more days and then rack.
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Mar 2006
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I normally wait until airlock activity is at least 60 seconds apart... The only time I transfer faster is if I need to free up the primary but normally it only takes a week until activity stops...

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Jan 2006
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I move it after there is little or no airlock ativity which has been at least 10 days for the last 5 batches. I have been cooling the carboy to under 70 degrees and find that the fermentation is slower but steadier so 10 days seems to work good for me.

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Jan 2005
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depends on what's going on... basically it depends on what the original gravity was, the temp that it fermented at and how dry i want the beer.

sometimes five days, sometimes one week sometimes a month. i used to use the airlock bubbles, but now i take a gravity reading... i don't like the hydro, but have embraced it's usefullness as a brewing tool.

to start out with, a good rule for an average ale is one week primary, two to four weeks secondary, then prime and bottle for another two to four weeks depending on how heavy the brew was initially.
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Beer Snob
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I don't wait for so many seconds apart. When it's stoped, it's done. The secondary is not generally used to finish fermentation. Fermentation should be done when it gets to the secondary.

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May 2006
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Most of my beers have had no airlock activity after 7 days. I basically go a week in primary unless there is still activity. If it finishes in 4 days, I still let it go a week. Then, depending on the beer, I go 2 to 4 weeks in secondary.

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May 2006
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I go to secondary soon as krausen falls to bottom then i'll leave for a week or so in secondary..then keg and let age for 2 or 3 weeks...depends if it's a real hoppy beer seems that when a beer is heavy on the hops it pays to let them sit for a couple weeks longer..

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