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Aug 2007
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I'm about to bottle a new batch this weekend and I've got about 36, 22oz bottles I need to clean. There is a accumulation of dust, dirt, and debris in them since they were stored in the garage. Any recommendations for a good, thorough cleaning before bottling?

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Aug 2009
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I like to rinse with plain water first then fill my bottling bucket up with 5 gals of hot water and mix in my cleanser, then put as many bottles in the bucket standing up as I can and let then sit for about 10 mins each. once I have cleaned all my bottles I repeat the process with a sanitization solution.

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Aug 2008
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If they've been sitting out a while or have been received from sources other than my own use (i always rinse mine directly after emptying), I give them a few hours soak in warm water and some bleach or oxyclean. That will loosen up any organic residue or mold/mildew that might be in the bottles, usually without having to brush at all. Then I rinse them well and of course sanitize immediately before I fill them.
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after years of bottling, I found the greatest way to clean and sanitize them a few weeks ago. First, I got the jet bottle washer attachment for a sink. This thing is awesome. It shoots a pretty high pressure jet up into the bottle. That will get rid of dirt, dust and any debris I might have left behind. Then, after seeing several people rave about it, I got a Vinator. this device holds a little bit of sanitizer. You depress the bottle on it, and squirt sanitizing solution into the bottle. After that, you are ready to go. No soaking, scrubbing, dumping etc.

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Jan 2009
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I'm a bit anal about sanitation, so if I'm using bottles that I haven't used before, I always scrub the bottles well with a brush before sanitizing. I don't want some small bug to mess up all that work so, although I hate bottle prep, I do it religiously.
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Jul 2009
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I usually go for a scrub with a bottle brush and some cleaner, then throw them all into a big tupperware thing and soak them in star san. This usually helps loosen up the bottles too. I let them sit in the star san for a couple days, then when it comes to bottling day Ill take them out, brush off any left over labels, and put them in the dishwasher. No soap or detergent, just use the "sanitize" cycle. I leave them there until I pull them out one by one when bottling.

This might be overkill with the dishwasher, but its a nice way of drying them out too, lacking a bottle tree.
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You can clean them on the outside as mentioned several way above, but for the inside I use a bottle brush. Cut the loop off and insert the straight end into a drill...
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Sep 2009
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If I get bottles from "the wild" I do the oxyclean free & hot water soak for a couple of hours, then blast them with the jet bottle washer till clean.

To sanatize I use the vinatore, then hang on the bottle tree.

Three of the best things I have added to my collection, Jet bottle washer, vinatore and bottle tree!


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Jan 2009
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When I first get bottles, I soak in Oxyclean to remove labels and any other funk. Then I run all my bottles through the dishwasher and store in cases. When I am ready to bottle, I soak in Starsan and bottle. As I drink them, they get rinsed then dishwasher and cases..
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Jul 2009
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Let them soak in water/oxyclean to loosen up and sediment, let them dry, then just put them in the dishwasher with no soap, and run it. That will rinse and sanitize in one step. With no work.
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