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Aug 2009
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Yesterday I brewed a Pumpkin Ale and right now I have it in my plastic bucket. But I have heard about fermenting in a pumpkin. If I wanted to secondary ferment a small amount, how would one do this? I tried googling it and didn't come up with anything.

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Nov 2008
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No, that won't work.

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Jul 2009
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I've seen it done before in a copy of BYO. You'll have to make sure that you have a VERY good seal in a SANATIZED pumpkin. Also, be sure to drill a hole in the "beer-o-lantern" lid and put a fermentation lock in.

Good luck!

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I've seen a video of it being done. so it will work. you just have to do it right
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How to Brew IN a Pumpkin
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Aug 2009
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Thanks Berserker, I'll have to check that later - I can't see the pics at work.

IB Mongo good point, I'll need to buy another air lock - the one i have no is already cracked after only 2 months.

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Flocculation Nation
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Originally Posted by I_B_Mongo View Post
I honestly can't stop laughing at that concept. xD
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May 2009
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that sounds awesome, imagine the expression on your mates face when you say, "heres my pumpkin ale." He wont know whether to laugh or applaud lol.

Id never have believed it if I hadn't read it on here

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Old 10-25-2010, 09:25 PM   #9
Feb 2010
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Dang, and I thought I came up with the idea. I would say you do just a pumpkin size batch of in-the-shell fermentation and put the rest in the carboy until the 'primary' pumpkin batch is ready in a few days. If you pour the wort into the punkin just after flame out when it's really hot and put the 'lid' on it, it should sanitize the innerds and the loose-fitting lid should allow CO2 to burp out. That's the easy part. My question is "would it really make a difference in flavor?" If you put a few chunks of fresh pumpkin in the primary, that would do the same thing, right?

I would think the really cool thing would be to find a 5-gallon monster pumpkin and 'cask' condition the brew. Put a weldless valve in it and serve from the pumpkin at a halloween party. A little dry ice through the lid hole would add to the effect and chill it too. That's the kind of crazy fun I signed-up for when I started brewing.

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Sep 2010
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The Elysian brewery in Seattle makes two batches a year that they ferment in giant 125+ pound pumpkins. Then at their annual pumpkin beer fest they tap the pumpkin and everyone gets a sample straight from the tap.... It's pretty awesome

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