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Sorry, this is a long one...

I was driving to work yesterday morning on a country road near home and someone coming in the opposite direction to me started to turn left, right in front of me... and then kept turning into me before I could do anything besides hit the horn and slam on my brakes. Turns out it was some high school chick on her way to school who wasn't paying attention... I don't know if she was texting or on the phone or what, but all I remember thinking before impact was, "don't they see me?... are they going to keep turning?" Of course it all happened in a split second and I did everything I could.

So, the impact was hard. I was doing around 50 mph and she was probably not far off that in her speed even with the turn she was trying to make. My airbag went off and between that and my seat belt, saved my life. Through the smoke from the airbag, all I remember doing was screaming, "oh my god! oh my god!" I jerked open the stuck door and immediately felt my foot in pain and a few other pains on my body, but I seemed to be in one piece. My glasses had flown off my face, so I couldn't really see anything. I limped over to her car. By that time, passers-by and by-standers came out and were pulling her out of her wrecked car. She just layed on the road in the fetal position screaming and crying.

I limped back to my car to try to find my glasses and by-standers were warning me to stay away because they thought the truck was going to start fire or explode. I finally found my glasses and cell phone on the passenger-side floor and called my wife. By then the ambulances arrived and loaded us in on flat-boards with neck braces and off to the hospital.

After numerous X-rays and CAT scans, they figured out that I have the normal whip lash (they were treating me like my neck was broken until they confirmed by CAT scan that it wasn't) and my right foot is fractured in 6 places. This is because my foot was slammed on to the brake pedal and the impact forced engine components into the floor right under my foot, breaking it. Other than that I just have soreness and bruises... the seat belt left a bad bruise on my left shoulder blade and my inner lip is a bit cut up from my teeth when my face hit the airbag.

The nurses at the hospital said the other driver is just bruised up a bit. I don't know how she got off so lucky since she was driving an old Ford Taurus and I was driving a new Toyota Tacoma. I guess the point of impact on my truck was worse than on her car as far as driver protection goes. Fortunately, the car she was driving is insured. My new truck is totaled. The state police told me that there was a witness to the entire accident who corroborated my side of the story... that she just turned right in front of me.

So, I have a cast on my right leg for 6 weeks and can't go to work, can't drive, can't brew, can't finish my brew shed, and will have to pay someone to mow my lawn for the rest of the season. On top of this, my wife is due with our first child in 4 weeks. After talking with my insurance company today, I'm going to lose a couple thousand dollars on my truck since it was new and totaled. I just bought it 6 weeks ago, but I obviously won't get what I paid for it. I'm waiting to hear from the other driver's insurance company to see what they will be doing for me. If it's not fair or enough ("pain and suffering"), I guess I'll have to hire an attorney, though I'm not the letigious type.

I guess I'm happy to be alive. Here's my truck:


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god danm, loucky sob!!! sorry about your foot, this is why girls should not be allowed to drive

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Bummer. But thankful both you, and she survived. And thankful for witness accounts.

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Damn. That sucks hard. Good luck with everything from here on.
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If You are unable to brew for 6 weeks the Pain and Suffering settlement should be substantial . I bet that with all that time to think about it you will figure a way to brew. I shot a deer several years ago with a broken wrist (after falling from a tree stand) neccessity is the mother of invention. Glad everyones injuries were not more serious.

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A good excuse to get a Tundra.
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Get yourself a lawyer and don't worrying about being sue-happy. She totalled your truck and people saw it. You are laid up unable to work and this is going to seriously cramp your style when you wife gives birth. You don't have to go for a million, but make sure your truck is paid in full and you recoup all your lost wages. If you can determine she was texting or talking on the phone throw the friggin book at her.

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Damn dude, hope you heal up quick!!! You really do need to get a lawyer. I am not one to try and make a quick buck or sue someone either but I just had to get one for an accident I had almost 2 years ago. If you have any questions at all about insurance PM me. I'm a licensed agent in DE so I can probably answer any questions you have and trust me when I say that they will probably try and screw you over at every chance they get.
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Sorry, I am sworn as a mod to disagree with the above statement. But as a rational person, I do agree.
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I was wrong

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Oh, I'm so glad that you "only" have a broken foot and whiplash. You could have been killed. Thank goodness that your wife and family still have you.

Things like that have happened to me, but only as very close calls. I think that many people just don't look- they are just not really paying attention because they are in "rote" mode. They drive that way all the time, and just don't think about it any more.

Sorry about your truck, your foot, and your neck. For a short period, it looks like your wife will have two invalids to care for. Thank goodness she wasn't with you at the time!

I'll be sending good thoughts your way. Keep us posted.
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If she has State Farm, Farmers or Allstate insurance get a lawyer... NOW!

Only have personal experience with State Farm but have been told by reputable sources that the three listed are awful to deal with.
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You $&$&stik. You are my test. Part of it, anyway.

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