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alright, here's my situation...
i've never brewed a beer before, only wine, cider, and mead. Mostly this is because of space constraints (i only have space in my apartment for 1 gallon jugs) and general ignorance about the difficulty of brewing beer, not a lack of love of the product. A few days ago i began a braggot (beer/mead combination), and in doing so had to learn the techniques involved in extract brewing beer. This experience has convinced me to start doing some beer as well.
So, i have a few things here and there leftover from the braggot and other brews i've done; not enough for a 5 or even a 1 gallon batch. But I DO have a 1/2 gallon growler that a #6 rubber bung fits on, so i'm thinking about making a 1/2 gallon leftover batch with what i have. Looking around here at some recipes, here's what i've come up with:

Approx. .4 lbs Amber Dry Malt Extract
4 oz honey
1/10 oz cascade hop pellets, 60 min
1/10 oz cascade hop pellets, 45 min
1/10 oz cascade hop pellets, 5 min
Nottingham Ale Yeast

the .4 lbs DME is all that i have left, and i'm under the impression that this might be a touch less than i need, so i'm adding the honey to have a little more fermentables in there. Being completely inexperienced, i have no idea if this is wise.
I have about 1/3 of a 1oz packet of cascade hop pellets left, so the "1/10 oz" will probably just be about 1/3 of the remaining pellets for each addition. I figured 1oz for 5 gallons = 1/10 oz for 1/2 gallon, so i'll come out pretty close.
As for the Nottingham yeast, i have 1/2 a package left over from a gallon of cider i'm making, so i figured i'd use about 1/2 of the remaining in this beer.

This obviously isn't the most scientific way to do this, and i realize that with such a small batch a small amount of variation can result in a big difference in the final product. That having been said, i think that this should yield a drinkable product, and that it will satisfy my thirst until i free up some fermenters and make a whole 2 gallons . I ran the recipe through this calculator (after doubling it; can you believe it wouldn't let me do a 1/2 gallon boil? )
and it seemed to say that i was on an ok track. Let me know what you think!
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I have never made a batch that small, but it seems that your proportions are just about normal for a light ale with mid-level alcohol. I would go for it. I have not used honey, and don't know about getting that much of your fermentables from it, but I know that many others use it, so there should not be an issue there. I would use that before I used any other type of sugar, other than corn sugar, which ferments clean. Honey would probably give it a nice touch.

You might even want to bump the honey up a little so you can bump up the batch size, figuring for a little loss in trub and boil off...

SOmeone correct me if I am wrong?
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