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Nov 2008
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A while back I posted this thread about a very sluggish Chocolate Cherry mead I was attempting. It figured that it has been a year since I started that mead, why not start another gallon?

Found the same cherries I used last time. In my newbie haste I didn't understand the significance of words Sodium Benzoate & Potassium Sorbate in the ingredients. I think I now know why it has been such a battle to make that batch ferment.

Not wanting another drawn out fight for fermentation, I browsed the organics section until I found cherries that lacked preservatives. I mixed up a gallon and got a big healthy starter going. I pitched the yeast before leaving for work. When I came back and opened the lid to give it a stir, I wasn't sure if I was making mead, or if I had just shoved a gremlin into a fountain.

Ended up being the fastest mead ferment I've experienced. Started at 1.116, and a week later was already down in the 1.000-1.010 range.

Moral of the story. Check for preservatives!

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That doesn't look right in any way shape or form.
I worked in a butcher shop when I was 16-ish there were many an afternoon where I was cleaning out under the grinder and the meat saw and ended up with a bucket like that.

How does it taste ?

A Cherry Cordial mead holds an odd appeal to me
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BRRAAAAINS! Are you planning on sharing with your zombie friends?
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My son had brain surgery this summer. When he went for post-op the doctor gave us this exact photo
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Mar 2009
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Jesus.. I don't even know what I'm looking at..
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what is this i don't even

Let us know how it turns out! It looks... interesting!
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When you serve it to people, after they're about halfway through their second glass you need to show them that picture and tell them that's what they're drinking.
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