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Jul 2009
Redondo Beach
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Ive got about 10 brewes or so under my belt and ive done beers with LME, DME, and with steeping grains. the beers are getting better each time as i refine my process, but the last couple i did were with DME only and steeping grains. I like using DME better since it is easier to handle, LME may not be fresh, and DME beers will be lighter in color compared to LME.

getting all the LME out of the packaging is a pain where DME i can dump it right in. As far as beer taste, is one better than the other or does it really not matter.

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Aug 2009
Twin Cities, MN
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LME for the price.

DME for the convenience, (either for starters or for cases where I need more or less than the 6 lb/jug or 3.1 lb/jug LME portions)

I have no definitive answer on taste...but I do think LME is just as easy to get out of the "packaging"....I don't even preheat my LME, just dump it in and then dunk the jug for a second into the hot wert/water, swish, and dump again. In fact, I find it easier than adding DME because I don't have to worry about DME "balls".

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Aug 2007
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Pros and cons to everything.

I regularly use both, but go with whatever works best for you.
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Sep 2009
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DME stores better and is better for weighing out odd amounts.

With that said, I prefer LME for its ease of use.

Also, I still have nightmares of a large ball of DME jumping out of the pot and attacking me!

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Nov 2007
It's Always Sunny
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DME all the way. You've already built yourself a nice list of pros for it, add to that list that extract twang is diminished in DME use vs LME.

I've been brewing about 2 1/2 years now. Did extract and steeping grains for the first 9 months and partial mash/AG since then. Only used LME for the first month. The ease of using a portion and storing the rest definately contributed. The better color control and cleaner taste were also very influencing. I find that the benefits for myself outweigh the small price difference.

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Feb 2009
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I prefer LME since AHS is only 15 minutes away.They sell so much i know its fresh.
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Aug 2009
San Diego
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I haven't used DME since my second or third batch since the LME seemed so much easier.

The DME kept clumping up, and it got all sticky in the bag as I poured it in because of the steam.

LME for me!
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Nov 2007
Atlanta, GA
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Back when i was using extract, i found that it was difficult to find fresh liquid extract and my beers using DME always turned out better than when i used liquid.

Also you don't have to worry about scorching DME as it floats.
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Apr 2005
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This is my 17th brewing year.
Thank you...
I started out with LME then evolved to DME,
like pretty much every one else.
I prefer DME except for the 33 pound containers the LME came in.
Perfect poultry watering containers they are,
and I wish I had a couple of dozen.
Even thought about using DME just for that purpose.

{See them on the last page of my web site}
{ in the back of the 'Show Coop'}

Luck and Later...

J. Winters von Knife

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Jul 2009
Sacramento, CA
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I like DME better. Easier to handle and store. I also like the fact that I can easliy mix different DMEs in my brew.

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