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Jul 2009
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Ok, this is the first recipe that I have attempted to make on my own (with the help of the free software Q-Brew). Anyway, I am going for a spruce or pine flavored ale for Christmas time. I believe that Chinook hops with impart a pine type aroma and flavor perhaps.

Could some of the more experienced brewers here critique this recipe and maybe offer some suggestions on how to add to this to make it 1) a little darker and 2) more pine or spruce flavored?

Boil Volume 5.25 gallon
SG: 1.045 – 1.060
IBU: 30 – 45
Color: 5 – 14

0.5 lbs CaraPils (steeped)
1.0 lbs Crystal 60L (steeped)
6 lbs Light DME

1.0 oz Chinook (11.5%) @ 60min
0.5 oz Fuggles (4.0%) @ 20min
0.5 oz Fuggles (4.0%) @ 0min


Estimated OG 1.056
Estimated FG 1.014
Estimated IBU 47
Estimated Color 12
Estimated Alcohol by Weight 4.3%

I apologize for the formatting as I do not have any of the software yet to use.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Feb 2008
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Simcoe hops have a very piney flavor to them, Chinook can be a harsh hop if overdone.
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There are spruce extracts available, but use them very sparingly.
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I don't know much about Chinook hops, but since you have it as your 60 minute addition, you're not going to get much flavor or aroma (pine or otherwise) from it. If you want Chinook flavor, add it somewhere around 20 minutes; if you want Chinook aroma, add it somewhere under 8 minutes (or even at flame out and/or dry hopped).

As for making it darker - you could add an ounce or two of darker malt (e.g. chocolate malt) or roasted barley.
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May 2008
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Originally Posted by david_42 View Post
There are spruce extracts available, but use them very sparingly.
I second this. I brewed the spruce beer from The Compete Joy of Homebrewing and used the specified amount of spruce extract. What the book did not tell me, was that it would take 4 months before the beer was drinkable. At the one month mark it tasted like Pinesol. I still get crap about that beer from family members at Christmas.

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Nov 2008
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For Pine, look no further than Simcoe hops! IMHO, do away with your Fuggle additions and sub in 1 ounce (instead of .5 oz) of Simcoe. My favorite hop!

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Jul 2009
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Ok, no fuggles. Instead substitute some Simcoe for them. I can understand that. Now should I use 1oz of Simcoe at 20mins or 0.5 at 20mins and 0.5 at flame out?

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Spruce extract is CRAZY strong. I've been aging 10 gallons of beer made with 1/4 the recommended amount for two years, and it's still undrinkable. Use it VERY sparingly.
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Dec 2008
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Originally Posted by Chugger View Post
Ok, no fuggles. Instead substitute some Simcoe for them. I can understand that. Now should I use 1oz of Simcoe at 20mins or 0.5 at 20mins and 0.5 at flame out?
I would do this...
1oz Chinook at 60
1/2oz Simcoe at 10
1/2oz Chinook at 5
1/2oz Simcoe at 0

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I've got an IPA on tap that has a nice pine note to it. Most of the Boil hops were either neutral flavored, or of the citrusy type. However I dry hopped with 1 oz each of Simcoe and Chinook. It took about 1 month of aging in the keg for the pine to really come out over the citrusy boil hops.

I'm thinking this years Holiday ale for me will be based off my Scottish Ale to which I'll and some spices, and then dry hop as above.
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