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Sep 2009
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I've heard many of you say how much bottling sucks and I'm curious as to why. I've yet to bottle my first batch, so I just can't know, yet. Of course, I HAVE done the time removing labels, and that's a pain, but what else is there?

Also, what are the drawbacks to kegging, if any?

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Sep 2009
Vancouver, BC
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Bottling's time consuming from cleaning the bottles to bottling them and capping them. I haven't tried kegging but I can only imagine once i have 3 or 4 batches of beer I think my fiance will mind when I am taking up a whole room for the bottles..

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Apr 2009
Dallas, TX
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I guess I'm in the minority, I actually enjoy bottling. To me it's relaxing... to each their own.
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Sep 2009
Boise, Idaho
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I bottled for twelve years, and I stopped brewing this past spring because of bottling and vowed I would get the kegerator going, and then continue brewing. Drilled the holes in the side of the fridge for the taps just last night! Have an IPA in secondary right now and a batch is getting brewed Sunday.
I'll never bottle again, and I can't wait until the kegerator is finished. I haven't been this excited of brewing since I first started.

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Aug 2008
Portland OR
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I started kegging early this year, it's a lot less time consuming and it's really cool to be able to go to the keezer and pull a pint. I still bottle some batches, primarily stouts and other styles that I don't drink as quickly.
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Sep 2009
Vancouver, BC
Posts: 16

However I do agree with some ppl here that its nice to take your own six pack and pop open your own bottled beer at a get-together

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Jan 2006
Santa Cruz, CA.
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I am a kegging fan. It is less time consuming and my beers are better. It works great for me.

Originally Posted by jprasad82 View Post
However I do agree with some ppl here that its nice to take your own six pack and pop open your own bottled beer at a get-together
Just fill a couple of growlers and take them with you if needed. They work fine for gatherings.

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Nov 2008
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I like(d) bottling only for the fact that I could more easily share my beer.

The big difference between bottling and kegging (aside from all of the bennies listed here) is - you can always bottle your beer once its kegged. But you cant keg it once its bottled.

I like the ease of bulk aging, having a choice of priming (with half the sugar now) OR force carbing, kegs take up less space and the list goes on. A benefit of bottling is you can 'forget' about some of your bottles for a goood long time. Its a bit harder to lose a keg, so self control has to be exhibited to not drink it all so damned quickly. (Or get a pipeline!)
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Aug 2009
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I generally keep several batches of beer around (in bottles) and enjoy whatever I'm in the mood for at the moment. Sometimes I even go days without a beer (gasp)! It seems to me that were I to keg, I'd end up with fewer varieties on hand and cold. I mean, really, who has room for an 8-keg cooler in their living room? While 24 bottles in the fridge take up little space, letting me indulge in up to 3 bottles of any given variety.

My other concern about kegs is the waste. If there's been beer sitting in the line for several days, that's gotta not be good drinking. So don't you have to let the tap run a bit before you get to the "good beer," the stuff that's fresh and cold from the keg? How much beer do you let run to the ground each time?

I do see that for some occasions, kegging would be better. If you were brewing for a party and expected to serve most of a batch in one day, for example. It would definitely be a more efficient way to accomplish the task, and save labor as well!

But for my day-to-day casual use, I don't see kegging as practical.

It occurs to me that my space argument is specious. I've got 5 large tupperware containers filled with bottled beer inside the house, and another 3 giant containers full of empty bottles outside. Plus a couple of cardboard boxes to handle the occasional overflow, whichever side it occurs on. Maybe if I were to clear all that crap out, a kegerator would actually give me MORE space.

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Feb 2005
Atkinson (near the Quad Cities), IL
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They're all relative terms plus you toss in time and money...

I bottle and keg and NEVER complained about bottling. I still enjoy it.

When it comes to brewing and bottling the MOST difficult problem I have is deciding WHAT to brew and then deciding if I want to keg or bottle it.
HB Bill

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