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Feb 2013
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Doing the all grain version of this tomorrow. I have a question about the hops. The all grain recipe posted earlier in the thread (for a 5 gallon batch) lists whole hops. Normally I would make an adjustment when using pellets by cutting back hops by 10-15%. However, it could be that whomever posted the recipe to beersmith was just lazy. Should I make the adjustment and reduce hops for pellet use?

Here is the recipe:

Dragonmead Final Absolution Triple Clone

AHA Style 02-C Belgian and French Ale, Tripel
Min OG: 1.060 Max OG: 1.096
Min IBU: 20 Max IBU: 25
Min Clr: 4 Max Clr: 6 Color in SRM, Lovibond

Amount Name Form Alpha IBU Boil Time
1.80 oz. Hallertauer Mittelfruh Whole 4.50 29.7 60 min
0.40 oz. Styrian Goldings Whole 5.25 3.9 30 min
0.80 oz. Czech Saaz Whole 3.50 1.7 3 min

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Aug 2013
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I only had 1lb of Belgian candy when I brewed. Could I substitute some of the corn sugar with the other 0.5 lbs of Belgian candy (beet sugar) when I bottle?

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Mar 2012
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It's to late to add sugar when you bottle because fermentation will be complete. By adding to much sugar once you bottle you run the risk of over carbbing and creating bottle bombs as well.

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Aug 2013
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Isn't corn sugar in the same category has beet sugar? If not...what's the difference? Higher concentration of food for the yeast or something...still new at this.

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Dec 2011
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I did all grain, mashed 30 minutes at 120 and 45 minutes at 150, stirring frequently.

I did a 60 minute boil, and used my immersion cooler. I shook up the WLP 500 and poured it right into the wort. The next morning I remembered I hadn't added the sugar. I siphoned out a quart, discarded a little, dissolved the sugar into it, boiled it briefly, and when it was cool added it. Now it's three days old and bubbling constantly, but without any blow off.

There's a delicious aroma of bananas.

Also I added a full oz of the hops rather than .8 oz.

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Mar 2013
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Originally Posted by madira_maker View Post
Brewed this over the weekend... 5 gal.
10 lbs. Belgian pilsner
2.5 lbs 2-row
2.5 lbs candi sugar

Completely missed the protein rest. Hit 148 degF. Added some more boiling water to hit 150 degF and mashed for 60mins.

2 oz. Hallertau (60 mins.)
0.5 oz Glacier (30 mins.) --> LBHS out of S. Golding
1 oz. Saaz (3 mins.)
0.5 oz Glacier (0 mins.)

Finished with OG of 1.082 (Target was 1.084)

Used Wyeast 3787 (ofcourse, made a starter)

Fermentation took-off with in few hrs... Got violent after 16 hrs.
Replaced air lock with blow-off tube.

After 24. hrs I see some hop, yeast mix being blown off the tube...
Got some yeast +hop slurry on the basement carpet (renting a rug doctor before wife imposes ban on brewing)

Hope there is enough yeast still in there to take the FG down.

Anyone care to share a picture of the final product.... please
Kegged on 7/27
FG 1.012

This is a very tasty brew...

Looks hazy golden with 1" creamy head that quickly disappears...
Smells very refreshing, low on the biterness...hint if sweetness... has fruity notes and finishes of with a slight alcohol warming down the throat.

Also, this is one potent brew... 2 pints and I was looking for a pillow.

I am a hophead but still like this beer... anyone on the fence.... BREW IT!!!

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Mar 2012
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I just bottled a batch of extract I brewed on Memorial Day. I had enough left over for a couple glasses after filling all my bottles. Even flat it's good. Fantastic nose, bananas and other proper Belgium ester smells. Taste is fantastic, with a noticeable alcohol taste on the back end, but not in a bad way. All in all I'm excited for this to carb up and hopefully I can wait till late fall to go through most of them

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Be the person you would want as a friend because at the end of the game the King and Pawn go in the same box.

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I'm happy to see the response from everyone! I never thought I would get this much feedback from everyone! I set out to really clone an awesome Belgian that i really love. I got to visit Belgium last year and I went to Delirium monasterium in Brussels, I got to sample a ton of triples and i honestly thought this beer came very close to them. I think I hit the head on the nail. It might not be 100% spot on, but either way this clone attempt deserves it's own praise for being simple, easy to make and very very good! Thanks again everyone for the huge response!!!! And keep the clones/experimentation coming!!!!

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Aug 2013
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Originally Posted by HuRRiC4Ne View Post
Let me start of by saying, this recipe is simple to make. I converted over to extracts to save on prep time. I wanted something simple that most can make. The Belgian is going to be a clone of a 2006 Gold Medal winner in the World Beer cup in 2006 (Dragonmead Final Absolution).

3 x 3.3lbs Pilsner Light malt extract LME
1 x 1lbs Amber DME
1 x 1.5lbs Belgian Candy
12.4 total pounds of fermentables

Hops: (IBU came out at 23 but you can range from 20 to 25)
2 oz. German Hallertau 3.8%AA 60min
1 oz. Styrian Goldings 3.4% AA 30min
1 oz. Saaz 2.8% AA 3min

2 x WLP500 Trappist Ale Yeast


I'm about to try the all extract version of this and I had a question for you. This is my only second time brewing so I'm still learning. You mentioned making this into a Quad so is that only adding another 3.3 lbs of LME? Also what is the total boil time for this recipe 60 or 90 min?


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