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Sep 2009
Sandy Springs, GA
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Actually my second batch. But my first was 8 years ago, then the kit went into storage and I finally pulled it back out. So I am essentially starting over again.

I have a question about my current English Brown Ale. I swear I looked around first to try and find an answer, but I don't think anyone has pulled a bonehead move like this before. So here goes.

I am 99% sure I pitched my yeast into a wort that was WAY too hot. My instructions indeed said "Cool the Wort. Add to Primary Fermenter. Add 3 gallons of water. Stir. Pitch yeast.". I followed the steps and immediately pitched the yeast, not realizing that a wort that is too hot can damage the yeast. I had bubbling in the airlock for about 5 days til it stopped. I then racked into a secondary fermenter. The sample was good. After 2 days in the secondary the haze is settling to the bottom nicely.

Question: Can I send it BACK to the Primary and pitch again or is it too late?

OG is 1.05
current gravity is 1.01

Have mercy on a p00r n00b. (just bought a wort cooler for the next batch)

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Old 09-16-2009, 06:44 PM   #2
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Jul 2007
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Seems to be done. No need to redo everything.
[I'm back!]

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Sep 2009
Fishers, IN
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Your gravity and 5 days of action shows that it's coming along fine. I try and pitch around 70ish degrees, but have pitched in the low 90s before and everything else was fine.

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Mar 2009
Hamilton,, ON
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You have beer. Bottle it and enjoy it.
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Flocculation Nation
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Sep 2009
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1.01 is fine. Bottle that sucker!
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Oct 2006
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You might get some unintended flavors from fermenting at a higher than planned temperature but you do have beer. Bottle it and enjoy! (after an interminable wait for it to condition)

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Sep 2009
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I don't mean to rain on the parade here, but I think it should be mentioned that pitching yeast at a high temperature - as I understand it - can cause the production of fusel alcohols which can lead to worse hangovers when consumed.


Now, if consumed in moderation, or with large quantities of water, well...

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Old 09-17-2009, 07:33 PM   #8
Sep 2009
Sandy Springs, GA
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Thanks everybody. Bottled and conditioning now. The addiction didn't set in after my first batch several years ago. but NOW it has. I am ready for the next batch. I need to get a pumpkin ale going.

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If you added 3 gallons of cooler water on top of 2 gallons of even boiling wort, it is highly likely that the temp was fine for yeast pitching you added more cooler water than boiling. Don't worry about anything, including "off flavors" more than likely there are none.

Just relax and give the beer plenty of time both in the fermenter (many of us leave our beer 3-4 weeks in primary to let the yeast clean up any possible off flavors-they're very fastidious creatures if we let them be) and bottle conditioning time.

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Apr 2009
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Originally Posted by ccooperc1 View Post
I don't think anyone has pulled a bonehead move like this before. So here goes.

I am 99% sure I pitched my yeast into a wort that was WAY too hot.

This happens ALLLLL the time.

Usually happens to me when I drink too much during the mash or boil and by the time I need to cool it down... my priorities are all mixed up.

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