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Originally Posted by javajo91 View Post
what type of beers are you brewing? Are u using alot of wheats, flaked grain?
I think that's the combination that is causing slow runoffs.
I agree that it definetely is usable but it's probably better - at least for me -to just run to Lowes and go with the more porous braid.
I'm sick of holding my breath every time i turn that valve for the first time
Here are the styles I've brewed with that setup:
pale ale
calif. common
pumpkin ale
dark mild
american wheat

I used rice hulls in the pumpkin, but not in the wheat.

It definitely is a fine weave, much finer than the one I had preivously. It may be too fine for some people, but is working fine for me. I'm not special or have better technique than others, I just haven't had an issue with that braid.

Even if you replace the braid ith one that is't as fine, keep the spring. That is a great aspect of the design.
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How fast are you opening your outlet valve for vorlaufing? If you open the valve too quickly too soon, you can create a strong suction that compacts the grainbed too much.

Edit: Sorry, I missed that this was already addressed.
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Originally Posted by javajo91 View Post
Yep - ordered from McMaster Carr - Stainless Steel. This is my second design that i got from another member on this site. 16" SS braid and compression spring inside to keep from collapsing. No need to punch holes in it...
My first design was 12" SS braid from Home Depot that i had to pull the inside out of. That collapsed on me although my stirring and whacking the thing did not help..
For all you guys that use a SS braid and do not have stuck runoffs are you mashing out at 170 or somewhere around there? I think that's what I'm missing in my process...
30" braid (HD), never had a stuck sparge. Have had all sorts of wheat, rye, corn/rice (shhhh), etc.

Rice hulls anytime I use non-barley grains.

I always mash out with 200-ish water to get the whole mash up to 170, then "sparge ho!"
- Andrew

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Thanks everyone! Great bunch here.
Well - might as well go out and buy the more porous braid and a 3/4 in dia.
I honestly think my issues are a perhaps a combination of the very fine braid and the fact that i rarely ever hit 170 when i mash out (lack of experience)
I may use the new braid then switch back and forth once i increase my experience a bit and see which rig gives the best performance.

Thanks everyone!

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less than a quarter pound rice hulls. if your getting stuck sparges/mashes, it is either your braid holes are too big, your not letting your grain makes its bed properly, or your crush is too fine.

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I personally wouldn't trade my manifold for any braid. Brewed 10 gallons of hefe two weeks ago. I ground the wheat reeeeally fine, and didn't use any hulls and didn't have any stuck sparges at all.

Hope you get yours to work.

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I use a 3/8" braid. It runs the length of my cooler now, but it's been as short as 6 in. I never use hulls, and I've never had a stuck runoff in 354 batches with it. There is no spring or anything else inside of it.
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