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Since nobody touched on the carboy point I will. The size of the carboy will depend on what yeast you choose to use. If you use the Wyeast 3068 you would need a 6 gallon carboy for 5 gallons of Apfelwein. If you use a wine yeast you would be alright with a 5 gallon carboy. If you want 5 gallons of Apfelwien then you will need to ferment at least 5.25 gallons, when you siphon to a secondary or bottling bucket you are going to leave a little behind.

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One final question on ageing:

How long in the bottle after it clears? If I start in two weeks could it be ready by Christmas or shortly thereafter?
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I just have to say, I hope your talking about X-mas after this one right? Apfelwein takes at least 8 months to taste right period, and after 16 months I think it would be GREAT.
If anyone knows of a quicker way to get just that right taste I want to know.
There are ciders that can be ready in 3.5 months, but I don't think Apfelwein would be one of them.
Graff is one. I also make a cider with 5 gallons apple juice, 4 cans of concentrate to up the taste, 1/2 to 1 lb of sugar, and WLP300 fermented at 65F or so, and crash chilled at month three for a week, then bottled conditioned for at least 3 weeks. (I keg so I don't have to wait.)
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Ok, just made this and its been about 1 month an 21 days since I started it. I racked it and had a glass. I followed the recipe exactly. Everyone, keeps saying that it doesn't even taste good until 3 month or 8 months.

I'm really trying to imagine how it could possibly be better.

Thanks for the recipe Ed going to add to my must brew often list.

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Originally Posted by dracus View Post
I'm really trying to imagine how it could possibly be better.
Put some away for 6 more months, open them then and you'll regret drinking all of the others so early. heh.
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Apfelwein is DELICIOUS after even 3 months. I keep trying to age it but it never seems to last that long. Even the SWMBO who only likes sweet wines loves it.

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I ferment mine to 13% let it clear Force carb, and then but that Biatch on tap Get all of your friends drunk, Let them drink 2 pints and they dont realize they just drank more than a bottle of wine Let the ladies sip on it warn them.... Had a puker last week I drink mine after it clears so earlier than a month Tastes Great

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Just Finished my first batch. We will see how it goes

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Ok Quick ingredient Question.

Just got those. I'm pretty sure that's corn sugar so I'm good there but I couldn't find an AJ without ANY additives. Is that close enough? (Maltodextrin, and vitimin C)
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Looks like cane sugar to me. The AJ is fine. Good luck!
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