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Jan 2008
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I have finally decided to try Better Bottles and am looking for suggestions from those who have experience using them.

What types of caps/covers/airlocks are best when used with Better Bottles?

Should I get the racking adapter and high flow valve or just use my wedges and rack the old fashioned way?

I don't really know what other questions to ask but any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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Old 09-07-2009, 02:16 PM   #2

Hi, I use both glass and better bottles. I just have the regular 6.5 gallon (I think) better bottle to primary, just a stopper I got at the LHBS with a hole in it for either an airlock or a blowoff tube. Nothing else. I rack using the autosiphon and tube.

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I've read about some problems folks had with the racking adapters in terms of sanitation, I think. I don't have one on my better bottles- autosiphon works for me.

Carboy caps work on a better bottle, but they loosen with time. I'm probably going to add hose clamps to mine, as I use the stem on the cap to make my blowoff tube.

Make sure you have some Oxiclean free (unscented), as that's the preferred method for cleaning bb's. You can drop a washcloth in there to swish it around, but keep your brush away from the bottle- it'll scratch it. Also know that the bottle flexes a bit when you lift it with beer inside, which can cause suckback on the airlock. I use blowoffs for all my ferments, partially to avoid that.
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I wouldn't bother buying the extras with the BB, they are way overpriced. I use carboy caps with mine and they work great.
+1 on the Oxyclean free to clean them. Let it soak for a while and rinse.
Don't move a full carboy with the airlock on or you will cause suck back due to the flexibility of the bottle.
Other than not using a brush on them, they are just like using a glass carboy but without the weight.
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I use all better bottles, and for caps I use the orange universal carboy caps that stretch around the outside of the neck. Any standard airlock works with them. I also have all ported better bottles and I love them. My process is siphonless.
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Aug 2009
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I have the maroon carboy caps because I was told they were designed for the neck size of the better bottles. Was I misled?

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Aug 2009
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i was curious myself to see if they work as well as the website says. In theory it sounds good.

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Jul 2009
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Originally Posted by bytemyfoot View Post
I have the maroon carboy caps because I was told they were designed for the neck size of the better bottles. Was I misled?
Not at all. I have two orange ones and they do NOT fit snug at all. Then again, I have nothing else to compare it too so it's possible that they fit just as snug as they do on a glass carboy. But I do think the most caps won't fit snug on a BB carboy from the text I've read on various sites for the part description.

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Jun 2009
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I use a # 10 rubber stopper with the hole drilled in it for the air lock works
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Jan 2009
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I ponied up for a couple of the BB caps and airlocks. They are very handy if headspace is an issue for you, since they only stick up a couple inches (as opposed to a typical airlock). I really like the hard plastic, and they fit perfectly and won't push into the beer like a stopper may.

That said, just like the racking adapter for the BB, they are farking EXPENSIVE. If they were about 1/4 the cost, I'd go with them exclusively, but they are just too much to justify the cost.

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