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Feb 2009
Chicago, IL
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Just out of curiosity, how many batches did it take before your all grain batches started tasting good. And I'm talking about "I hope you bought 12 of these " good, not just acceptable. I've brewed 5 and am just drinking the first 2 now. They're definitely good to me, and my buddies like them too. But I can tell that my process improved significantly better since brewing them. So to all you have who ventured into the black hole of homebrewing long before I did - how long before you were truly proud?

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Jul 2009
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First batch of beer i did, Completely screwed up and diluted my beer way way beyond.
Was like flavored beer water.
$43.00 down the drain.
Read a little bit more, Got some advice from some master brewers and next batch turned out good...3rd time brewing i went thru 5 gal. in less than a week.

So my challenge is brewing enough beer to keep me stocked...Been doing 10gal batch's bout once a week or so but only have 3 carboys so i am limited to how much i can brew and space to crash chill.

I have 2 recipes right now i have created, Both awsome...cant make enough fast enough...Once i get my supply up, I want to work on anouther style of beer. So allways a challenge. The unknowing if it is going to be the best beer ever or OMG this is going to be rose food is allways interesting.

I have talked to master brewers that even after 10+ years of brewing, They still have bad batch's of beer. Looks good on beersmith but when in came to drinking it...Well MGD would have been better.

Some ideas work...Some dont. Allways a unknown factor.
But brewing beer is still fun.

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Nov 2008
Ontario, Canada
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My first batch ended up pretty good, I made Ed Wort's Haus Ale. Since then there's been the odd batch I didn't like but if you like the results and your friends do too then I'd say you've already got a winner or 5

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May 2008
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First one - also Ed Wort's Haus Ale, simple, basic and makes a great beer.
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Dec 2005
Round Rock Texas
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First One - AHS Irish Red Ale - Great Beer
Second One - SNPA Clone - Tasted just like the real thing.
Third One - Amaizing Ale - Still a house favorite.
Fourth One - Summerfest Bitter - Repeated calls to brew again by friends.
Fifth One - All Amarillo APA - Excellent and repeatable
and I have brewed probably 50 since and all but 1 was very definitely as good as any commercial beer I have had.

No reason all beer you make can't be excellent provided you have a good recipe to start and follow all the procedures to make it. This would include temp control, correct yeast pitch and so on.

BTW, as my handle implies I steal all my recipes. And I only go for the gold, tried and true recipes that I have either tasted or trust the source. Biermuncher, EdWort, Denny Conn, George Schmidt, Kerry & Corey Martin just to name a few.
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Jan 2007
St. Louis
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I think mine was like the fourth or fifth.............Was a belgian dubbel/trippel of sorts. Was like nectar of the gods

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Ale's What Cures You!
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Jun 2006
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I had done about 100 PM/extract batches before going AG. I was pretty confident about my techniques, and asked all of my "imaginary friends" here on the forum for advice while I was collecting my gear. As a result, my first AG batch was an original recipe and a fantastic beer. I still make it about 4 times a year, and I still love that recipe!
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May 2008
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My first AG was great and I'm actually brewing up that same recipe this week.

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Oct 2005
Oak Grove, Oregon, USA
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My first AG batch was very good. First batch of Stiffy, which was a seriously out-of-style Rye Scottish Ale. OG was a little low, but it tasted fine.
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Apr 2009
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1st was a Warsteiner clone that I still make. It is/was a winner.

My 6th batch was my first loser. Skunked it when some the rain came at the end of my chilling.

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