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Aug 2012
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I'm not an engineer (quantitative anthropologist), but I like to think that every brewer is an engineer. Just a little. With a hat.

Then again, my maternal grandfather was an engineer at Bell Labs so that basically makes me one. Proof: I fit all of my stuff into very small pieces of luggage when I travel -- even on long trips.

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Nov 2012
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If you got a degree in engineering or operate a train, you can call yourself an engineer.

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Communications Technician. Basically telecom and Networking.
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May 2010
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Very true.
If you are an actual engineer you will have an engineering license that you took an engineering test to get.
Your licence will be governed by your states board of registration and under a separate branch with a board of registration that has engineers and surveyors on it ( usually about a two to one ratio favoring engineers ).
You will have special laws and administrative code that govern your actions and ethical behavior.
Absolutely NOT true...not all Engineers are Licensed...does not mean they are not an engineer. If you come out of college with an engineering degree and work for a company as an engineer...then you ARE an engineer.

There are even some engineers (not many)....mostly old timers...that do not even have degrees....but VERY far and few between.

A P.E. (Professional Engineer) is an engineer that has worked a minimum number of years under another P.E. (usually 4 years) and passed the National Board Exam.....most engineers do not need this to do their job....or to work as an engineer.

I work for a Consulting Engineering Firm and I am a Licensed P.E......and it is very valuable (to me and my employer) and practical to be licensed as a Consultant because it allows me to Stamp Drawings that Require a Professional Engineer to certify.
EVERYONE is entitled to my opinion!
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Originally Posted by jhoyda View Post
Can you give me some pointers? My TIG welding sucks
I'm a rod burner & wire pounder.

I've only done a little TIG. but what helped me with TIG is to just forget that you're welding at all. that probably doesn't help you at all though...
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Originally Posted by Helen Williams View Post
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Originally Posted by Randar View Post
I've plenty of legit material... No need to go making up quotes for your sig.

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Dec 2012
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I am Interior Designer But machines and stuff are favorite too.
Beans & Pulses

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Aug 2011
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I'm a rod burner & wire pounder.

That's what she said.
"I'd rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy"
-Tom Waits

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Nov 2010
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Originally Posted by 45_70sharps

Actually yes I am saying they aren't engineers if they are not licensed.
Working in engineering, doing the work for an engineer, having an engineering degree or introducing yourself as an engineer does not make you an actual engineer.
Passing your exam and being board certified, with your license number and stamp makes you an engineer.

Those people working on design for NASA are probably working under an engineer who supervise, directs, reviews and stamps the work. He is also liable for the design.

For the record, I'm not an engineer.
I'm a land surveyor.
Same board that regulates, different profession.

The fact that they aren't engineers doesn't make their work any less important or make them less intelligent. I for one went a very long time before I took my exam and got my survey license. I was happy doing the work in the field and never saw the need to take the exam until an opportunity presented it's self and I needed my license.

Many of the fields that call them self engineers and aren't actual engineers are full of very smart people who figure out complex problems. It still doesn't change the fact that they aren't actual engineers.
Every state has a board of registration, probably a branch of department of licensing and the board is probably made up of engineers and surveyors. They oversee actual engineers ( and surveyors ) and on their web site you will find the true and legal definition of an engineer. It will be very close to the same in every state.
I would have to disagree with this. I am an electrical engineer and if what you are saying we're true the company I work for doesn't employ any engineers. Only state engineering jobs require a license. I design integrated circuits and I am liable for my own designs. In my field a degree and experience make an engineer. Not some state issued piece of paper.

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Dec 2012
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Software engineer

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Hardwood flooring technician.

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