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Aug 2006
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Anybody ever used Peanut Butter in a brew?

I am planning on throwing together a Sweet Stout this weekend and I was thinking about a Chocolate Stout and then It hit me. ADD peanut butter to the recipe.

I am concerned that the oil in the peanut butter will screw with the fermentation and the head retention. I thought about adding it to the secondary so it does not screw up the fermentation, but the head retention will still suffer from the oil.

So I am left wondering if I should just add Ground roasted Peanuts to the secondary.

Chocolate and Peanut has to be one of the alltime greatest taste combinations.

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I think you hit it on the head with the issue with the peanut oils. There are still a lot of oils in roasted peanuts.

Personally, the idea of a peanut-flavored beer doesn't appeal, it's just not a flavor that seems like it would mesh particularly well. Like, I think chocolate can and does work really well, as does coffee, because it has a complementary bitterness. I'd be more inclined to experiment with some speciality grains, don't some impart kind of a nutty flavor to a brew?
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**** it, man, **** it, just throw some all-natural freshly ground peanut butter (get it from whole foods or a local health store) into the boil. I think it's a stellar idea. I'm a huge sucker for peanut butter and chocolate...I agree, one of the great combos...60% cocoa dark chocolate dipped into freshly ground peanut butter...mmm. Ranks right up there with fresh espresso poured over hazelnut gelato.

Yeah, add it to the boil, what's the worst that could happen. Otherwise, I think you're right, the oils will be a prob.
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Sounds more like a milkshake than a beer. Peanut butter can be pretty sweet, too, and I'm not sure how one would deal with that (of course, I've only been brewing for a year or so). If you could get a nutty flavor without the danger of oils or preservatives, it might work. Whatever you decide to do, let us know how it goes!

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Aug 2006
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Specialty grains hit the Hazelnut-Almond range, but nothing gets close to peanut flavor.

OK....I will have to add something to fortify the head. Add peanut butter to the secondary after dissolving in some boiling water. Or use ground roasted peanuts to cut the oil to a minimum.

Any tips on what to use to fortify the head to help offset the oil?

Oatmeal? May impart too much oatmeal flavor.

Malto Dextrine-- Maybe...It needs to be sweet anyway but it will not help offset the oil enough.

What special ingredients do you know of that are made to help head retention?

Licorice sticks aid Head retention and are commonly used in Stouts, but I do not know about the flavor of licorice.

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Try and find some de-fatted peanut meal. People keep coming up with the idea, but we don't seem to get much feedback on the results. Since the oil will float, you can rack the ale repeatedly and very carefully to eliminate the remaining oil.

De-oiling peanut butter

Buy a jar of natural peanut butter (the kind without stabilizers that has an inch of oil floating on top).

Poor out the oil and leave the jar on its side on a counter. Every day or 2 open the jar and poor out the oil that has collected, and stir the peanut butter together.

After 5-6 weeks the peanut butter should be very crumbly and oil will no longer be rising out. That's when it's ready to use.
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Nov 2005
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I would have though the lipid content of the peanut butter would separate out, you would have to either mix vigorously to emulsify it (which would oxidise your beer) or add natural emulsifier.

Your can get hazelnut extract; there might be a peanut butter commercially available?

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Aug 2006
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There are peanut butter flavorings but they all seem to be oil based. I am still looking for an artificial water or alcohol based flavoring.

I think boiling the peanut butter for a few mins should make the oils float so that you could seperate them out. Of course it would have to be a natural peanut butter or else all the peanut butter would probably float because of emulsifiers.

I think I will give it a go and see what happens. Maybe a 1 gallon test batch.

Of course my luck is that we need the oil to get any Peanut butter flavor to transfer to the beer.

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Apr 2006
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I made this very beer and will give you my advise.

Buy "natural" PB that has no emulsifiers in it. You will see a layer of oil in the top of the jar.

Pour off the oil daily until no more rises to the top.

Place a paper towell or simular in the top of the jar to wick off any remaining oil. You will have to change it several times. Keeping the jar in a warm place will help a LOT.

You will know you are getting to the right consistancy when the PB is more like clay than PB. Mine was almost a solid when it was done.

Add the solids to your boil as usual.

The trub is nasty, like brown mud.

In hindsight, I would have used more than the 8oz I did use, 12oz would have more flavor as the PB taste was fairly soft.

In short, it is a really good idea, is quite tasty and Mrs. knewshound found it to be one of her all time fav brews.

Good luck.


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Aug 2006
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3 test batches planned

Test 1.... Add peanut butter to the secondary to avoid fermentation problems due to the oils. Since the oils will float, a simple racking should be able to seperate out the oils. Maybe this will keep us from having headless beer.

Test 2.... Drop peanut butter into boiling water and skim off oils that float. Add this to the boil to try to impart the peanut flavor more.

Test 3.....Found an artificial Peanut Butter Flavoring that appears to be water based. I ordered some and will add it to the secondary. Or should I add it to the primary??? I will flip a coin.

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