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He updated quite a while ago. Turns out it was bad beer. Very anticlimactic.
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For those that didn't catch his update.
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Mike M
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He shoulda’ embellished and gave us all hope ... He could have been our own Cool Hand Luke.

Sometimes the truth can be such a downer.

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Oct 2009
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I would have been on the phone with the guy, the first week that I found those, just to see what the story was.

Interesting none-the-less.


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Well at least he's alive to tell the tale. Wouldn't look good calling it "Stone Dead Ale", methinks.
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I finally have everything assembled, here is the gallery:

I never found a log book, unfortunately. I also never found any books on brewing or wine making other than the "treatise on lager beers". as mentioned earlier it was all pretty horrible looking and smelling, lots of floaters and bugs, some mold, I have never seen dirtier carboys. Oxy clean is a champ and after two rounds all are clean. I only had one casualty, unfortunately it was one of the fancy Bastanchury carboys, but there are 2 others just like it. I ended up with 16 X 5 gallon carboys and 6 X 3 gallon carboys. I did find one single gallon jug that was sealed with a plastic cap and wrapped with tape. One day I will have to try it.

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Old 10-31-2009, 11:03 AM   #167
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Quite an adventure, and I don't think you can be too dissappointed. You've got a great story to tell and a mouthwatering collection of vintage brewing equipment...

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Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
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Oh wow...those winemanking instructions came from winearts. How cool. Winearts was a chain in the 60-70's that sold wine making kits, and even though beer making was still illegal in the 70's they for some strange reason carried blue ribbon malt extract (hopped) for, you know, all your baking needs.

Yeah, you got a cool hall that reflects the early days of homebrewing, right in the 70's when Papazian and the early AHC was petitioning the Carter Administration to make homebrewing legalized. He didn't happen to have any of the early mimeographed copies of Zymurgy did he?

Awesome, thanks for sharing.
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Wow! Awesome! A lot of effort went into documenting all of that with the pics. Not to mention the cleaning of the carboys!

Thanks so much for sharing all of that, Chester. The pics are so cool! Some are kinda creepy, some are so very interesting, and don't get me started on those beautiful carboys (now that they are clean)! I am SO jealous!

What a wonderful discovery. Thank you so much for sharing.
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Old 10-31-2009, 02:17 PM   #170
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Looking at the tools, references, and chemicals, this guy really seemed to know what he was doing (for the time). It's amazing how much he knew of the science at a time when the application of that science was illegal.

My offer still stands on the Blue Ribbon paperwork if you're interested in parting with it.


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