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Default Ginger and Cyser Mead Update.

Hello Everyone,

It has been a LONG time since I have been on and updated. Below are the original recipes.

The cyser cleared after only a month. Interestingly the ginger wine, the one I was MOST worried about (looked terrible, took for ever, did not clear) tastes amazing.

Both are wonderful, however super "hot" they need 6 more months to smooth out.

Lessons learned:

-This was not only my first homebrew...but also my first mead. I would NEVER do another 1 Gallon batch again...now that I am confident. You loose SO much every time you rack....and with a mead you need to rack often.

-Now that I am doing a kit wine, I will never use an airlock again (except for bulk ageing. They never fit right, and im always fussing with it. I MUCH prefer a blow off tube going into another 1 gallon jug of sanitizer. (No risk, easy to clean, worry free..)

-Patience! Wow, I just really had to forget about it. There were times I thought that cloudy ginger wine was a pure loss...now its the best out of all three!

Anyways, I hope this helps someone!


1) Joel's Cyser of Joy.


** 2.8 Liters Apple juice-Super nice organic from our wine growing region.
**1.6 LBS//0.74 KG Wild Flower Honey-Local, and smelled amazing.
**1 Tsp Nutrient-(with DAP + B1..)
**0.5 Cups Dextrose.
**1/2 tsp Pectic enzyme (to help with the super unclear Apple Juice)
**10 Raisins chopped in half.
**Lalvin 1118 Yeast.

NOTE: After reading all the "heated" debates on heating honey.....I said **** it. I could not bring myself to do it after smelling how wonderful it was. I believe in the natural antibiotics of honey...as well as the posting regarding many meaderies that dont boil. Also Lalvin 1118 is tough..and should out compete any other bacterial crap..

2) Who you callin a Ginger?-Ginger Mead.


**1.6 KG wild flower honey
**60 Grams peeled and grated ginger root -(boiled for 5 mins) and placed right in the primary...water and all.
**10 Chopped raisins
**1 tsp Yeast energizer-(DAP, B1...)
**1.5 cups Dextrose.
**Lalvin 1118 Yeasty

NOTE: Covered these with a sanitized piece of tin foil, as per the debates of not fitting an airlock for 24-48 hours.
*Im most worried/unsure about the ginger...because I took a ginger recipe from one of the books and scaled down to a 1 gallon batch. I was really worried about the ginger being too powerful. who knows!?

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sounds good NJ. I'm just starting to experiment with cyzers also. please keep us posted
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