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I have noticed using the 2-liter bottle method that there is yeast in the bottom of each bottle. This is nasty stuff. I also noticed that during the 3-4 days I have these bottles sitting, the yeast "changes" the taste of root beer slightly and gives it a bit of an alcoholic beverage taste (of course without all the alcohol content). My kids like the "Root Beer Kool-Aid" method better than the yeast based soda I have made thus far. You really have to be careful after you open the bottles made with yeast that you don't stir that stuff up in the root beer you plan to drink. Though the root beer is good, it's the yeast flavor my kids aren't to thrilled about. So here's my recipes so far...

2 liter bottle w/yeast
1> Using a funnel pour 2 cups of sugar into a sanitized 2 liter bottle.
2> Add 1/8 tsp Champagne Yeast (I used Red Star Champagne Yeast)
3> Add 1 Tbsp of Zatarain's Root Beer Extract
4> Fill half way with water that measures a temperature between 95 and 110.
5> Cap and shake vigorously to fully dissolve the sugar and yeast.
6> Open and fill almost full (leave a bit of air at the top) with more water between 95 and 110 degrees.
7> Cap and store for up to about 3 or 4 days. Make sure you check for firmness each day.
8> When firmness is reached place in fridge for 24 hours to chill.
9> Drink and enjoy.

(Just don't stir up the yeast in the bottom - made that mistake the first bottle I made this way).

Root Beer Kool-Aid
1> Using a gallon container (milk jug variety work great), fill with 2 cups of sugar.
2> Add 1 and 3/4 Tbsp of Zatarain's Root Beer Extract.
3> Add about half full with warm water, cap and shake to dissolve the sugar. You can use cold water, but I used warm to help dissolve the sugar faster then added ice cubes and shook again to chill it.
4> Fill to the top with cold water.
5> (optional step) leave in fridge for at least 12 hours for full flavor experience.
6> Drink and enjoy, I know my kids do.

I have to make a gallon of this everyday now since my three kids drink it from the time they get home from school and it's gone before bedtime.

I hope this helps. I have yet to make any in a keg. I am worried about the yeast getting stirred up by the CO2 line and all, but I will be attempting it sometime in the near future. I will update this thread with my findings.

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Nice thing about the 2 litre bottles is the little depressions in the bottom where the yeast settles. After a couple days in the fridge the yeast gets pretty compacted down there and I dont worry about it getting stirred up, of coarse I can see with kids it might be a different story. I like to try different yeasts with my rootbeers, all the different ale yeasts and Champagne yeasts, wine yeasts. So far the best I have found, personal taste, is Nottingham, with Coopers a close 2nd. I am off carbonated sodas for awhile, dieting, I am down to 220 from 250 since June. Another 20-30 to go and I will be back onto my rootbeer, maybe with a sugar sub.

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I have to chime in in support of force carbonating if you're using kegs anyway. It's ridiculously easy. Water, sugar, extract, keg, done. 15 minutes worth of work and a week or so later and you have yummy draft root beer.

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