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Feb 2005
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Originally Posted by DeRoux's Broux
i forgot to mention my name in my post, Brian DeRouen.
So you are French? Brian of Rouen.

I spent 2 days in Rouen. Very nice city. They have a couple of large churches there.

That's also where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. They have an "Eternal Flame" (supposedly) on the exact spot as well as a church named after her.

Incidently, they also have a statue of JOA outside the Cathedral at Reims where all the French kings were crowned.

Additionally, in the year 800, the Frankish king "Charlemagne" was crowned the First Holy Roman Emperor in Aachen, and the French take their name from his line. He is called Karl der Grosse in Germany and is buried in Aachen, Germany (been there too). I lived in Oberfranken area of Bavaria, Germany for 5 years (Augsburg for 4 years) and like Medieval history.
HB Bill

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Old 06-25-2005, 03:41 AM   #12
May 2005
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I am 40 years old, a Sr. environmental technician with a B.S. degree in soils. I smell dirt for a living and basically try to clean up everybody's mess's.I would rather be bird hunting behind my Brittany, fishing, shooting handguns and of course, brewing, serving and drinking beer, but none of that seems to pay the bills. I am married with three daughters which of course drives me to consume more than I brew.....Way to much estrogen. I am an extract brewer with 155 gallons under my belt. I just recently started force kegging and love it. I will admit though, that as we speak, there is a keg of Michelobe Golden Lite in my fridge. Hey...I can't have the neighbors suck down all my good beer! Anyway, I love the forum and the info.

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Jun 2005
Sanford, NC
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Ouch, 3 daughters, my one 17 yr old drives me to drink more beer.
Jeeps, straight razors, and BEER

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Mar 2005
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I'm 30 years old, a parole officer with a B.A. in Psychology. I've been brewing for 5 years and just started all-grain 3 batches ago. I don't have any kids and don't plan on any. My wife feels the same way.

Other than brewing, for fun, I ride my Yamaha VStar 1100 and am currently working on fixing it up to be more powerful. Just changed out the carbs today.. new pipes next week. I also enjoy my job most of the time, especially foot pursuits and building searches. It's like tag and hide-and-seek for adults... only with guns

My current favorite beers are IPAs although I have a nice range to my pallate - I have a belgian wit in secondary right now. I read this forum just about daily and learn something new all the time.

The best way to store malt is to combine it with water, hops and yeast... -Charlie Papazian

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Old 06-26-2005, 03:36 AM   #15
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May 2005
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My turn,
I'm 37 years old today. How come that doesn't seem special after age 21? I'm a cable T.V. tech on a big rural cable system in coastal N.C. My wife and I have 2 kids ( son, 14, daughter, 12 ) , 2 dogs, 8 cats, 5 horses, 1 donkey, 4 goats, 3 chickens, and 5 ducks. Anybody know where I can find a buffalo cheap? I can remember not liking beer as a kid, but don't recall learning to love it. I do love it so ! The wife and I have a small farm East of New Bern, N.C. She trains horses and teaches kids to ride. The family gave me a Mr. Beer kit a couple of years ago. I wasn't impressed. I don't really know what made me decide to try brewing again, but I'm enjoying the Hell out of it ! The idea of brewing what I want, when I want is cool. I've always been the type that felt that if I could build, plumb, make it myself, then it had the potential to be better than what I could buy. I've been very happy with my beer so far. Some tasted better than others, but they all worked. The best thing I've found so far in my brewing quest is this site. I'm really having a good time here. My biggest problem has been posting a question while drinking and forgetting where I posted it. I look forward to getting a beer in the evenings and hanging out with you guys. As long as I have the Forums, I never drink alone.

Sudsmonkey ( Wesley)

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Old 06-26-2005, 05:08 AM   #16
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Mar 2005
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OK.....I'm 30 yrs old, married with one 3 yr old hellion. I'm a Technical Sergeant in the USAF. My "specialty" is weather forecasting. My wife is also in the USAF...she's an air traffic controller. Our schedules, along with the little man, make free-time a real commodity.

Besides brewing, I guess my next "thing" is my bike. I've got a 2003 H-D Sportster 1200 Sport, and I love riding the hell out of it. It's harder to find time to ride it than it is to brew here at home, so brewing tends to be my main hobby! I also collect knives, and at one time played guitar, but haven't put much time into it as of late.
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Born Brewing Co.
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Jun 2005
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I'm 31, married for 6 years and have a 2 girls (4 and 1). I teach middle school health and p.e. I also coach football and wrestling. I went to a brewing class a month ago, and was hooked. In the past month, I brewed 3 extract kits, built a 3 tier system, and brewed my first AG last week.

Having summers off gives me plenty of time for a hobby. I think I finally found one. Brewing is great, I may be more excited about the science of it than actually drinking excessively, but they are tasting pretty damn good too! If I'm not outside playing with my girls, there's a good chance I'm sitting in the garage next to the kegerator watching Nascar. I watch and follow Nascar and some drivers the same way somebody follows major league baseball, I'm just a huge fan. Fast cars, great tailgaiting, and cold beer!

Anyway, this forum is great! I've learned a ton and usually check in daily.
Born Brewing Co.

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Jun 2005
Salt Lake Utah
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My wife is already bugging me about going on this site too much.. but I'm learning so much. Married 24 years, two kids who live away in California, and my work is an exec director of a non-profit that funds medical care for the uninsured. Been brewing for a little over a year, and just started brewing wine. The fun for me is the recipes and seeing if I can make something that people enjoy. My daughter took a few of my ales to pass out at her work... I got a comment back from her that one of the guys said, "Best beer I ever had." NOW THAT MAKES IT ALL WORTH IT!!!!

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Will work for beer
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Jan 2005
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Awesome thread DeRoux!

Alright, my turn. I am 32 years old, active duty Air Force for the last 14+ years. My wife is active duty as well and is in the same career field as me and Sam75. She is currently deployed to Afghanistan. I am currently going to school to be an auto mechanic for life after the Air Force. It is something I've always wanted to do. I'm going to do the full program too, so not only will I concentrate on the mechanic side, but I want to be able to do body work as well. I have dreams of restoring a muscle car and an old Jeep CJ-7 someday.
I started brewing in January of 2005 after many years of WANTING to do it. I just started all-grain because I want to do it the way REAL breweries do it, and I'm amazed at what you can get out of 4 basic ingredients.

I grew up in rural Wisconsin so I'm a HUGE Packer fan. Packers are my life. I have a HUGE collection of Packer stuff and when I retire from the Air Force I am going to build a bar in my basement to display all of it. I'm also a big MLB, NHL, and college baseball fan. When I lived in Omaha a few years back I really got into the CWS. It was a blast tailgating and sitting in the general admission seats, with no worries but making sure i didn't burn my burgers and if the beer was cold for a week every summer.

This forum was one of the first places I ran into when I started brewing and I check it a few hundred times daily. I'm addicted. We've got a really good group going in here and I really enjoy it!

Thanks for listening.
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Old 06-27-2005, 12:49 AM   #20
Jun 2005
Williamsburg, Va
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Ok...guess I should take a turn. 29 years old, married 5 years (as of 6/24) with a daughter (3yrs) and another on the way (find out the sex on 6/28). Im a software engineer with a company that does mostly government contracting. Its a job, but I dream of brewing beer for a living (I would gladly work the extra hours for that). I've been brewing for 3 years and am finally making the slow jump to all grain. I bought a used keg from a local brewery and had a buddy cut off the top. Just bought a grinder today to clean it up (which is by far the coolest tool I own). I hope to do my first all grain as my next batch, which will be in a month or so since both my kegs are currently full.

Other hobbies.....big soccer fan (yeah yeah....bring on the comments) and college football fan (Go HOKIES!!). My wife was born in Wisconsin and all her aunts/uncles and grandparents live there, some in Green Bay....which led me to adopt the Packers as my NFL team. I have been a fan ever since Antonio Freeman (from Virginia Tech) went to play for them but have become an even bigger fan since. Brett Favre is everything that is right about football and I will be a sad fan when he retires. I was actually taking a tour of Lambeau last summer and Brett walked right by us....unfortunately I was so engrossed in the tour that I didnt know until one of the tour guides pointed him out to pathetic!!! I really think I belong in Wisconsin cause I absolutely love Beer, cheese, and bratwurst....what more is there?

Anyway, I hope to learn from the rest of you and provide advice where I can. Good Brewing!

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