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Mar 2009
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I want to make a blueberry blond ale with an extract recipe... but I can't find a recipe anywhere. I see wheat recipes, but I don't want to do a wheat beer...

Anyone have one, or know of a store that sells a kit?

I have a hard time just finding blond ale recipes - none of the 3 books i have has a blond ale in it.

I figure if I find a blond ale, I can just add 6lbs of blueberries to a secondary... I have a mixed-fruit pale ale recipe that says to add 6lbs of whatever berries you want, so I'm assuming that's a good amount. I've never made a fruit beer (or a beer that uses a secondary before for that matter)...


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Aug 2009
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If you want to base your recipe on a blonde ale, there are blonde ale extract kits on pretty much every homebrewers site online. Try Northern Brewer, or Austin Homebrew Supply, or Homebrewer's Outpost. They all have them.

As for the blueberry flavoring, I'm doing something similar with a cherry wheat right now, but I would presume it's very similar (however I could be very wrong, somebody please say otherwise if I am). What I'm doing is buying the fruit puree as well as extract. The puree (one can of oregon fruit puree) will be added to the secondary, and the extract (2 oz) will be added right before bottling. The puree gives the beer a more "real" flavor and a stronger aroma of the fruit, and the extract gives it more taste flavor (from what I'm told).

Anybody else have anything better than this?

Actually, this gives me a GREAT idea...which I'm going to post in the recipe section (where this probably be should too...haha).
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You definitely win my award for "Most Enthusiastic New Brewer".

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Aug 2009
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I've never made it, but this looks yummy


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Apr 2009
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I have on tap right now a strawberry blueberry cream ale. I boiled about 4lbs strawberries, and 1lb blueberries. I then just dropped the fruit and the water into the carboy. The taste took a while to mellow out. It ended up tasting really good. The only problem is I accidently (that doesn't look like it is spelled right) siphoned some of the fruit up into the keg. If I ever do it again, I would definitely just use fruit puree.

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Mar 2010
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Julohan, I'm willing to bet that boiling the fruit affected the taste, as well as the clarity. Boiling fruit releases pectins, which will greatly affect the clarity of the beer. Perhaps that is why you had trouble mellowing the flavor as well?

Otherwise, for an extract recipe that is really basic, try a 3.3lb can of light LME and 3lbs extra light DME for a 5gal batch. Use whatever hops you have on hand or like. I really like Northern Brewer for bittering. Try 0.25-0.50 oz for 60, 1oz of fuggles for 30mins, and another 0.5oz fuggles for 15mins. A clean yeast like Wyeast 1056 will work nicely as well. Primary for a week. Throw 3-5lbs (more if you want more flavor and color) of blueberries (frozen then thawed. Pasturize at 170F for 15mins if desired) into a secondary (use a 6.5 gal, you will get more fermentation here). let sit for 3 weeks and bottle away.
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Mar 2011
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I'd like to attempt to replicate the Wachusett blueberry ale. It says it's a wheat ale with 3 grains and 3 hops. since the beer is clear and there is no purple color, it must be with blueberry extract instead of fresh blueberries, right? any other advice on what two grains to use besides some wheat? thanks


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