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It is hard to kill yeast completely. I have saved yeast cake for almost a year and it still fermented. I also have left a White Labs vial in my garage for 3 days in 90 degree heat. I freaked and made a starter and the vial still had live yeast in it. It amazed me.

But , I did have 1 vial in 12 years that arrived completely dead. I was just a beginner then and I let it sit for a week and it never started fermenting. So my conclusion is that the vial had to have been severely mistreated to kill all the yeast.

As for oxygenating the wort......I have never done anything more than put a balloon over the top of the carboy and shake the crap out of the wort before I pitch the yeast. I put a White Labs vial on my kitchen counter about an hour before I start brewing. Usually it sits 3-6 hours before I pitch it. I shake the carboy for about 5 mins and then shake the white labs vial and dump it right in.

I put the carboy in the fridge, put in the blow-off tube and set the fridge for the optimum temp. I almost always get a good fermentation somewhere near 24 hours. I have made starters and fermentation usually starts 3-6 hours with the starter. But I have never been able to notice anything in the flavor that justifies the extra time and effort of making a starter. If I brew anything heavier than 1.060, I use a starter.

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Originally Posted by Sean
I'm not sure what the benefits of liq yeast are. It would seem one would be more apt to infect a liq yeast with the procedure involved. In addition the price difference is considerable.
I'm also not sure what the benefits of liquid yeast are.

http://realbeer.com/jjpalmer/Howtobrew.html says,
"Liquid yeast is often favored over dry yeast because of the greater number and variety of yeast strains available. Liquid yeast allows for greater tailoring of the beer to a particular style."

it also says, "All liquid yeast needs to be pitched to a starter wort to ensure adequate cell counts for a good fermentation. "

which I did not do. If I use liquid yeast again I will definitely make a starter.

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I have used dry yeast for many years with good results (and yes, having extra yeast, and of course hops, in the frig is a good idea). Only recently have I used liquid smack paks, to expand my experience (and tastes) in brewing. I have noticed a longer lag with the liquid yeasts, but never had one that failed. Some books call for salvaging and re-pitching the liquid yeasts, which is one of their advantages (tried once, but could not re-pitch in the recommended time). However, all-in-all, the dry yeast have always had a quick start and have produced good beer. I do believe some of me best brew batches were with liquid yeasts, buy I mainly use the dry ones because of their quick start and general reliability.

One reason I like the dry is that I do not have to plan real far in advance (my schedule gets tight sometimes) and can brew without the worry of getting the liquid smack pak started hours in advance

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