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Aug 2009
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Originally Posted by paintb22 View Post
Wow I just had this idea last night and didn't even see this post. I brewed 11gal of a rouge chocolate stout clone 3 weeks ago and split it between 3 secondaries. One will be as is, the second has cherry concentrate added to it, and the third will be an Irish Car Bomb Stout. I am thinking about adding 6-8oz of Jameson, 3/4lb of Lactose, and 1oz vanilla extract.

Side Note:
I actually made that Bourbon Porter from NB and it's pretty good. The 16oz of bourbon isn't to powerful but very pronounced. The darker the beer the more booze you can put in it and not have it too over powering. I figured since none of what I am adding is fermentable I would do it at bottling and adjust to taste. I'll be sure to post back how it turns out in about 4 weeks.
you should post some picture so we can see how it turns out. good luck to ya!
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Aug 2009
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I'm coming back to this idea that I've let sit on the back burner for awhile. Since then, I've purchased all-grain equipment. So, here is my new plan. I'm hoping to brew it in a couple weeks, so that it will be available at St. Patty's Day. Please correct me if you think that something would not work or work well.

I've decided that I'm going to try to split the batch. Half will be a regular stout and half will be an Irish Car Bomb stout. This way I can compare the two--I could even drink the first batch as an Irish Car Bomb for educative purposes. I think that all of the necessary flavoring for the Irish Car Bomb can be added at bottling (or maybe in the secondary). So, first I will brew this basic recipe for a 5 gallon batch:

8 lb. Two row
1 lb. Crystal 60
.75 lb. black roasted barley
.25 lb. chocolate malt
2 oz. Williamette @ 60 minutes

Yeast: I'm not sure yet. I have both Nottingham and Wyeast 1728 (Scottish Ale) on hand. Would either of those work?

Stats on the basic stout at 70% eff.:
1.049 OG
37 SRM
37.5 IBU

Then, at bottling time, I would bottle up one case of normal stout. Then, I add my special potion to the remaining half and bottle it. The potion includes:

1 cup whiskey
4 oz. low-fat cocoa powder
1/2 oz. vanilla extract
1/2 lb. lactose

These are soaked in the whiskey for a week or so and then strained through a coffee filter.

So, that's my plan. Please tell me if it seems like a good one. I haven't purchased any ingredients yet, so now is the time to set me right. In particular, do the amounts look reasonable? Would this work at bottling time? Or would it be better to rack half of the batch to secondary with the added ingredients? What yeast is best?

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Apr 2009
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I like it! LOVE carbombs and it would be easy for traveling purposes (I'm thinking SNOWBOARDING!!).

Anyway, tell us how it turns out. I might have to do this instead of the dry stout to use for carbombs.

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Nov 2009
Shilo, Manitoba, Canada
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I was thinking Windsor might be a decent bet for the yeast, sweeter finish, and might not have to use as much lactose. Notty should be fine though. Killer idea though!

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Nov 2009
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i'm starting a chocolate cream stout a few days after christmas so hurry and get this nailed down !!! lol
i love stout, i love whiskey even more, being able so crack a bottle of the two together
the knot whiskey has more of a caramel/vanilla profile than jamesons and its 100 proof. jus sayin
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Sep 2009
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Now I may be way off, but I am thinking about the proportions of stout, Irish Cream and whiskey in an actual Irish Car Bomb. When I make them it is like 1/4 oz Irish Cream and 3/4 oz whiskey. Now Irish cream also contains whiskey and you don't usually use a full 12 oz to make the bomb. So we are looking at at least 1 oz whiskey per 12 oz of beer.

So that puts us at 50 oz of whiskey for a 5 gal batch. I know that sounds like a lot, but that is how Car Bombs are made. That would be 6 1/4 cups of whiskey. Now I could also find my families recipe for Irish Whiskey and post just what spices and how much are used.

This is very interesting and I like the idea a lot. I just might have to give a go at it.

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Aug 2009
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Mitch I think you are way off. I tihnk the key is to get the taste of a carbomb not the amounts of each ingredient correct. If you were going to have the same ingredients, it would be like a cement mixer because it would curdle.

I too am not sure, but I think that is close.

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Jun 2009
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Man oh man. I was ready to do a Double Chocolate Stout this weekend but now I'm seriously perplexed. I wonder if that would be too much for this crazy quest! Anybody think this stout would work?

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Sep 2009
Finger Lakes, NY
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Why would it curdle? And I think you need that alcohol burn to get the actual taste. Now if you want a car bomb with none of the hurt or alcohol bump then you are right on.

I think it would only curdle if you add fresh milk product to the beer and I doubt that is a good idea. You need the proteins from milk to be present for curdling to happen and I hope you don't have that much protein in your beer. More whiskey = higher ABV many beers would be within this ABV and no ill effects.

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Aug 2009
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Irish cream will curdle right quick, but I doubt it would curdle with the proportions you are describing mitch...

In either case though, I'm with smmcdermot here...If I were to do this, I'd be going for more of a "irish carbomb flavored" beer, not 5 gallons of actual irish carbombs...I guess it depends on what you are shooting for though.
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