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I've got about a dozen jalapeno's and a couple cayannes ready in the garden and some maters from the SWMBO's family just itching to be made into some kick a$$ salsa. Anyone have any killer recipe's out there? When it comes to spice, I ain't scared.
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There is a whole thread here somewhere just with salsa recipes. try the search feature.

EDIT: i hope that didn't sound rude, like some "try the search feature" posts. it was not my intention.
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Yeah but it's top secret. Here's a hint; chuck the jalapenos and use one habanero per half gallon of crushed tomatoes.

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Keep the jalapenos AND use a hab or two....

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Oh baby! SMOKE those jalapenos on the smoker for a while, might as well have a couple pork butts on there while you do. THEN make salsa with them. I like using tomatillos when using smoked jalapenos. Don't make them into chipotles, just smoke long enough for the skin to blister some and the flesh to be well cooked. You'll need some of that habanero for heat since you'll have smoked most of it out of the jalapeno.

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Oh, but to share a great salsa recipe:

Seared Pineapple Salsa:

This is awesome with fish, good with chicken and really good with just chips. It has a fantastic sweet/hot balance and you can't stop eating it. It's adapted from Mark Miller's book:

Pineapple: Fresh is best but a can or two of rings will work
Lime Juice
Orange Juice
Brown Sugar
Red Bell Pepper
Chipotle Chiles en Adobo sauce

Ok, start by peeling, slicing and coring the pineapple. Cook all of it over medium high heat until well carmelized. You may have to batch it.

While the pineapple is cooking, Dice the bell pepper and juice the lime and orange. The amounts are a little nebulous here but you'll want the orange to be 2:1 to the lime. The total amount will depend on how much pineapple you yield but look for at least a cup total liquid.

Puree' about half the can of chipotle with the adobo sauce.

Allow the pineapple to cool and chop medium course. Combine with the juice until it sticks together but isn't too wet. ( I know, tough call)

This is a very loose recipe but the results are soooo good.

Now, finely chop the cilantro. Combine about 2 tbps cilantro, 1/4 C of the chopped bell pepper 2 tbs of the pureed chipotle and 2 ts brown sugar and mix well.

From here I just balance the appearance of red pepper and green cilantro until it looks good. Taste the salsa on chips and add a little more brown sugar and as much chipotle puree as you need until it's hot!

This is just incredible on halibut and really good on chicken or with shrimp. I can eat it all day just with chips.

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I'm sorry to say, but one of the best *fresh* salsa recipes out there is the roasted tomato slas recipe in "Everyday Mexican" by Rick Bayless.

I live in New Mexico, where proper, real salsa is a food group, and we get asked to bring this stuff wherever we go. Probably made 50 salsas before settling on this one.

Fire roast some tomatoes in your broiler (about 3 big tomatoes), and/or hit them with a blow torch and peel the skins (or buy one large can of fire roasted tomatoes at the store).

While you're doing that, put the jalapeno's and 4-5 pieces of garlic in a pan and start pan searing them.

About half a white onion, chopped (food processor works) finely --and put in a sieve and rinse.

Core and chop the couple of jalapeno's (the pointer ones are spicier, and leave in whatever amount of core/seeds you want to jack up the heat).

Put everything together in a blender, and do it up. Add cilantro to the end for taste, and you'll probably need some more garlic salt and maybe some onion salt...

Simple, fresh, good.

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