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Apr 2009
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Please don't flame me, I'm thinking out loud. The Mrs. and her friends have a concoction that they affectionately refer to as Pink Poontang. It is a beverage comprised of frozen pink lemonade concentrate, frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate, H2O, a couple of Coors Light's and Vodka. It sound odd I know, but take it from a beer and scotch guy, on a hot day at the lake or at the river, watch out. My question is could i keg it, what are your thoughts?

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Yeah, you can do that. My thought is you are going to need a pretty wide windshield on your boat to hang all those bras from, sounds like "chick beer" to me.

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You'll need a screen on the fluid tube, otherwise the pulp will clog it.

Sounds like a cross between "Rum Doozy" and "Skip and Go Naked".


1 can beer
1 shot gin
1 shot sweet 'n' sour mix (or lemon juice)
1 tsp Grenadine
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will you really get pulp from concentrate?
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"Pink Poontang"

So, does it live up to it's name?

You can keg just about anything. I have thought about pre-mixing bourbon and coke in a 3 gallon keg for parties.

I wonder if pre-mixed Long Island Iced Tea would keg well?

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I'm more interested in the recipe...please enlighten me as to how much of each.

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I would think that you could filter the crud out before it goes into the keg.

Yes, if you are sanitary, you can keg anything. Not sure how to efficiently get all that coors light in there though.

You might think about using 2-litre bottles and a carbonation cap.
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Apr 2009
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Hey, thanks for the replies. I don't have any way to filter it first so I guess I will try to put a screen on the out tube. Anyone done this before? I guess I need to find some type of stainless screen and attach it to the bottom some how.

Yeah, a batch of The Pink Poontang is always accompanied by fun and entertainment

Per Princess Poontang, the recipe:

8 cans of Coors Light
2 cans of frozen raspberry lemonade
2 cans of frozen pink lemonade
4 cans of water
4 cans of good vodka

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Originally Posted by ThisGuy View Post
Please don't flame me, I'm thinking out loud.
You have spent too much time on other internet board, huh. You don't need this here.
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You might consider a Surescreen for the dip tube. Good Luck

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