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Alright.. So heres one for the ages. I had just brewed up a batch of Brewers best American Amber ale, all sanitized and what not. Sloshed the wort around in the 6 gal. glass carboy(supposidly to oxygenate it... I've been online too much) And then pitched my yeast. I put the yeast in 4oz of warm water felt with finger to avoid contamination from nasty candy thermometer etc... waited about 10-15 min. and stirred once. I then pitched my yeast. looking back I do recall seeing still hard yeast cells going in, but all the same it was a milkys stinky slurry. Anyways we cap it, put the blow off tube on, and carry it down to the basement where I cover it with a towel to protect against sun, and possibly the heat. It went two days unnoticed by anyone in the house because the 10 yr. old brother of my girlfriend didn't tell his dad (whose house it was in) that our beer was even down there... 2 days passed and I asked him how the fermentation was going, he checked, and said it WASN'T!!! yesterday he warns me we need to get new yeast otherwise we could ruin this batch... So today I mix up the yeast again this time with a bit better results visibly (more patience possibly). I go down stairs and check on our dud and low and behold this thing is bubbling out of the mason jar/blow off tube at about a bubble a second/second and a half, and there is an inch of kraussen on top! It is a bit chilly down there and I'm wondering if the yeast has just taken longer to react in those temps... Can't be too low, i mean its august in july. Or wether it was just the dry yeast rehydrating... But either way. 8 days and we are just seeing signs of active fermentation... Fancy that.. Now the question remains, should we pitch a tad more yeast in there for safe measures, or just standby, relax(I'm already drinking), and see what happens next. Any answers on the delayed fermentation/adding yeast would be awesome!
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Yeast, that's pretty interesting. I wonder why it took so long? Is it too cold like in the 50's down there or something? What kind of yeast was it?

At this point my vote is to leave her alone, let the yeast do what they do. I think that adding more at this point would be unecessary.

There is a recent thread about Nottingham taking a while lately. Did you happen to use that yeast?

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