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Originally Posted by Scruff_McGee View Post
Just tried brewing a 10 gallon of this last night, what an event!

First the mill tips over, spilling grains all over the concrete floor. Then we fill the keggle mashtun right up to the top for a recirculating mash. All goes well with this until Sparge time and we accidentally sparge out at 190 F. I was nervous about the OG as it looked like it was 1.060 going into pre-boil (might have read from the top of the wort), and we had a boil over losing about 1.5 gallons and creating a huge sticky mess on the floor again. I also miscounted and thought we had 4 oz of EKG, but in reality only had 2, so I subbed in 2oz Cascade for the aroma. Also our cold tap water was at 80F, so I could only get the wort down to 83F before throwing in the towel (1:30 in the morning at this point), pitching the yeast, and tossing it into the fridge.

On top of all that I think I held onto my yeasties for too long because it took a while for the WLP570 to do anything in the starter, which when I bumped it up to the 2L flask took all night (5 days before) to get the stir bar spinning! Not enough torque so it would throw the bar every time the fan actually moved.

Despite all of these disasters, the final OG ended up being 1.080, which after adding 6lbs in the fermenter should get me up to 1.101, and I checked this morning to see it bubbling away at a happy 66F. I'll reply back here in a few months to see if there is any hope for this trainwreck of a brew .
Good to see your still smiling! 6lbs. (of sugar?) in the fermenter really scares me though. I just don't think you'll have nearly enough malt flavor to balance the alcohol.

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Originally Posted by Hookstrat View Post
Good to see your still smiling! 6lbs. (of sugar?) in the fermenter really scares me though. I just don't think you'll have nearly enough malt flavor to balance the alcohol.
Yeah still smiling, I haven't brewed in a month and I must have forgotten all the details of brewing in that time!

I was thinking that 6lbs would be fine since its a 10 gallon batch and I'm trying to double the original recipe. I'll be adding it in 1lb additions per day over the next few days, and fermenting in a sanke inside of a temp controlled fridge.

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I made this and it was WAY too sweet. Did anyone else have this issue? It's almost undrinkable for me.

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