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I am trying a bunch of ciders trying to find a flavor profile I would like to emulate. I haven't had a lot of luck but tonight I bought - and loved - Ace Hard Perry Cider. Any idea how to emulate this wonderful drink? (I did a recipe search but I am wondering about coming close to this particular product)

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From what I remember of the Ace pear, it was quite sweet compared to many other pear ciders, and for this you'd probably have a bit of an issue in coming close to it unless you were kegging and force-carbing. I'd say find yourself some pear juice (easier said than done) then ferment with a clean American yeast, us-05 would work great. After 2 months or so, rack it into secondary and wait for another 3 months. At that point taste it and see where you are at with the acid/tannin level, and adjust with acid blend/tannin. For the sweetness you'd have to use a unfermentable sugar (lactose/splenda/stevia/xythol) unless you are kegging, in which case you'd be able to kill off the yeast, backsweeten and force carb.
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It's a matter of personal taste, but I tried stevia for backsweetening and was very disappointed. What could have been a very nice batch of strawberry apfelwein now has a strong artificial sweetener twang. It's still a young batch but I really don't have much hope of it getting a lot better. I'm probably going to use it as a mixer, but I was looking forward to enjoying it by itself. SWMBO, who was hoping for something along the lines of a strawberry cooler, was NOT impressed...
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jcobbs - try adding some lactose. For me, a some real sugar can cancel out the artificial sweetener aftertaste. I find stevia rather nasty.
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a friend of mine gave me this recipe, i have personally never tried it.

* 3 lb frozen cooking perry (hard pears)
* water 6 Quarts ( around 12pints)
* juicy lemon 3
* bruised ginger 1 oz
* 2 lb granulated sugar


Freeze the hard pears for three days in closed plastic bags in the freezer.

Wipe the defrosted perry's, cut into pieces and put through the mincer together with the peel and core.

Place in a fermenting bin and pour on the fresh cold water.

Leave for 7 days, stirring well night and morning.

Strain the liquor carefully through muslin. Mix it with the sugar, grated lemon rind and strained lemon juice. Leave for 24 hours.

Strain and bottle in screw topped bottles.

Bruised ginger may be added if wished with the lemon - but beware adding too much or it will taste like Ginger Beer.

This cider will be fit to drink in a week, but it improves if kept a few months.
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