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Mar 2009
North Carolina
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I went to Ruby Tuesdays today and had a Sam Adams "Summer Ale" with lunch. First time I have ever tried it and this instantly became one of my favorite beers. I could not get over how fresh it tasted, the hops, spice and a hint of fresh lemon. It was just so distinct and all the flavors stood on their own. Its like you could almost pick them out of each sip.

Instantly I was thinking of brewing a clone and got all excited about this wonderful new brew. I even went to the grocery store and bought a case of it, which is WAY unusual for me to do.

Well...thats where things went into the crapper.

I never expect a bottled beer to taste 100% equal to its Keg'd equivalent. However, this bottled product tastes NOTHING like the beer we were served at Ruby Tuesdays. This is just a run of the mill ale with what tastes like lemon might be lurking in it somewhere. I was so disappointed.

I am going to Homebrew this and revive that great taste I enjoyed today.

Anyone else had this experience with the SA Summer Ale?


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Jan 2009
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I do find that the draft version is better but I have never found the bottled version to be 100% different. Perhaps you got a very fresh draft serving and I have never had it at its freshest. I tried making a clone of it but it didn't exactly turn out as I had hoped needed more lemon zest to brighten it. The recipe is on my other computers otherwise I would send it your way to at least have something to look at. I'll try to remember for tomorrow. What I do remember or sort of recall......

Maybe 30% wheat
Lots of lemon zest at flame out
I used two packets of lemon zest which I think was 4grams and far under what my recipe called for. They are so F*&^ing expensive and I can't see Sammy Adams using as much as the recipe called for.

That's all I can remember but I'll find the recipe tomorrow..... I stole it from somewhere.

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Jan 2009
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I guess I lied. I just got the recipe I followed. Mind you I didn't have a scale at the time so I had to guess the weight of the lemon zest and hops...... I know. Also my efficiency was absolutely horendous (45%).

8# pale malt UK
6# wheat malt Ger
1# flaked wheat
8oz cara-Pils/Dextrine

1.17oz crystal 45min
0.58oz crystal 5min
0.25oz sweet orange peel 5min
1oz Lemon zest 5min
4grams grains of paradise 5min

Belgian Wit Ale WLP 400

Like I said who know how close I was on my recipe cause I couldn't weigh anything. I also lost where the link for the recipe I got but it's around somewhere on the web. Hope it gives you something to tinker with.

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You also have to understand that the human tongue can play many tricks on us. What you had for lunch will effect the taste of what you drink. An IPA with hot wings is a treat.....with ice cream...not so. Give it a couple of days and try the SA again. While it won't taste exactly like the's not that far off either.

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Oct 2008
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I got a clone kit from AHS and it was quite good.
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The first time I had Fischer Blonde I thought it was the best beer ever. Then I had it again. Meh.
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Jul 2009
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expensive packets of lemon zest? Couldn't you spend $1.00 and get a bag of lemons and zest them yourself? or is this something different?

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Jan 2008
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See, I had it on draft the other day, and it was very meh. But usually I enjoy it. YMMV
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Jan 2009
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I zested the lemons myself. Used a very fine cheese grater to try to only get the yellow rhine (zest) and not the more bitter white stuff. I think I used about 6 lemons but again I don't know the weight of the zest that it provided for me.

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Aug 2009
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I've only had it bottled, and as stated above, meh

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