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May 2006
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i'm thinking of trying to add blueberries or possibly rasberries to a wheat do i go about this...thanks to anyone who answers.

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May 2006
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Originally Posted by revrand65
i'm thinking of trying to add blueberries or possibly rasberries to a wheat do i go about this...thanks to anyone who answers.

Canned fruit puree

Don't boil; can be added to primary or secondary.

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Papazian says that if you use frozen berries, add them after the boil when the wort has cooled to about 180 degrees. I *think* you leave them there for fifteen minutes or so. Don't quote me on any of this, because I don't have the book with me, and I also used entirely too much raspberry in my last batch.

Edit: I completely forgot - I left my raspberries in there through primary. Duh! Entirely too much raspberry flavor, though.

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Apr 2006
North Carolina
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i used oregon puree..added it to the secondary racked on top.. ive also used extract..less work same great taste..

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Jul 2006
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I too have used the "lazy man's" way & added the raspberry flavoring to the secondary. It was very good, and almost too easy.

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Aug 2006
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Perhaps it's different with berries, but I made a mango-peach wit recently, where I added peaches to the unfiltered wort at the end of the boil. I strained them a few days later (since I didn't filter after the boil, there were still coriander seeds and orange peel in there, which imparts odd tannic aspects), then, for the final 10 or so days of the secondary, I steeped with more fresh peach slices, and also fresh mango slices. No sanitizing of the fruit, and so far, the beer is impeccable, save for some overcarbonation.
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check out this thread, tons of info, not too long back:

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Jul 2005
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What I do.
take berries and put in mesh bag as if they were your steeping grains.
Put in boil water and pull out once it hits a boil. Now keep those berries, and put them into a tupperware type container that is clean and steril. Place that container in the freezer.

Finish making yoru wert, and primary.
When it comes time to rack to secondary, thaw out the frozzen berries, ( best to jsut keep the tupperware sealed and let thaw that way.) then place your grain bag with thawed berries into secondary (makes for easy clean up)

Tada when you go to bottle or keg, no mess, pull out mesh bag toss berries and yoru set.

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