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Jul 2009
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I was testing my beer and the hyrometer dropped from table height onto the wooden floor!

It didnt break the glass but im wondering if it's reading right now. The reading i got just before i dropped it was 1009 and after it was about 1009.5 and the hydrometer seems to be floating on a bit more of an angle now.

Am i worried about nothing or is it worth buying a new one?

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Apr 2009
Riverview, FL
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take some distilled water and check it out in there. If it still reads right (1.000) you should be fine. I always keep a couple lying around anyway since they tend to break easily.
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May 2009
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+1 on the distilled water reading. Basically if the glass isn't cracked and your mass at the bottom of the hydrometer is intact it is probably fine. A slight change in angle could be a very minor shift in the position of the mass at the bottom of the hydrometer. I seriously doubt a deviation of .5 at the end is going to affect your brewing. You usually can't read it quite that accurate with the foam from the wort anyway.
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Apr 2009
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A hydromoter is nothing more than glass and a weight contained within the glass that is calibrated to float at a certain level (gravity) in pure water. So unless you broke the glass (surprised it didn't break from a fall) you should be fine.

Your .00005 reading difference is more than likely due to bubbles, or the wort creaping up the side of the hydro. (if you are even truely seeing a difference). I usually use "ish" readings, as I'm not really that concerned, and a .001-.002 reading difference isn't going to change the world.

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Oct 2005
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There is a possibility that the scale inside moved. Both of mine are just slips of paper. But, if it checks out in pure water, it's good.
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