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I work from home as well, is your headset/mic noise canceling? I know with mine I can't hear people outside my door.
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I appreciate the advice. I am going to pick up the A/C unit and give it a go to sample the noise level. If it is acceptable, I'll go forward with the project. I'll post pictures as I progress.

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Remember, with a temp controller, the AC unit won't be running continuously, only once in a while. Especially if you've insulated your fermentation chamber well.
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I'm doin' it with a 12k btu unit. So far, so good. Check out my discussion and pics here.

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Cape Brewing
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I've had a little 5k BTU unit running constantly to chill a DIY walk-in for almost two years now. The fan never shuts off and the compressor is wired to a thermostat that regulates the temp in the walk-in. I did it that way because it was a simple way to avoid freeze-ups on the AC unit. I keep my walk-in at 38 degrees so it is pretty cold.

If i get any frost build up on the coils inside the walk-in while the compressor is on, it defrosts almost instantly once the compressor kicks off and the fan stays on. There are better ways to handle this but I was lazy and the tiny fan on the unit probably runs me about $3 a month to run so I went with it.

I vent into my basement and there is no noticible "heat" coming off of that unit at all. It is also behind a closed door and you can't hear the unit at all in the bar area.

The best peice of advice I can give is use vapor barrier the crap out of your build as condensation can be a nightmare.
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I use my bedroom. Its small and I ferment in there. I crank it during the day when I am at work and turn it off when I go to sleep. I can keep beer around 67* f with this method.

It would hardly work (run the compressor) at all in a little box.

$98 unit new.
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