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Dec 2006
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Ever since I first started using a propane burner I've been taking my cylinders to the local mega builders supply shack near me. I was driving past the local U-haul and I noticed that they had a sign about refilling your tanks there and that it was a lot cheaper. Decided to try it. Normally I pay about 18$(plus tax) for a swap with 15Lbs of propane. Just got finished paying $12.80 after tax for 16.44Lbs! yeeehaw! Game on!

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Jul 2007
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Ace hardwares in some areas will also fill tanks for a lot cheaper then swapping, the one near me fills to 18-19 lbs for $17. The local big boxes want $19-25 for 15 lbs.

12.80 is pretty cheap.
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My local mom and pop Central Center hardware..Full 20# fill $11.50
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Yep- I learned that when you go to those places (with me it's Sunbelt Rentals) that they use a scales to determine when to cut off, and you have to keep an eye on the actual fill. This now extends to some of the big tank exchange outfits (Blue Rhino, Amerigas) who are underfilling the cylinders (Amerigas is 15 lbs, I don't know about Blue Rhino) "-so that we can keep the exchange price the same, due to the rising price of propane." Of course this happened back when oil peaked, but has NOT gone back down with the slide of prices.
I had two cylinders filled at Sunbelt Rentals by a kid who I now believe didn't know how to work a platform scale, and when I got home, found only 10# in each. When I went back and told them, they said they didn't know how it happened, and they'd make up the gas- it's their policy to fill the tank with the tare weight printed on the handle; i.e., if your cylinder is stamped "17.5" on the handle, that's how much gas they'll put in there. Sunbelt is $12 for the fill.....which makes it a pretty good deal, if they fill it as much as they're supposed to.

I'm just sayin'- it's always a caveat emptor world out there.
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I don't care if they were doing it for $5. U-Haul is the devil and they will never ever get another dime from me. Here's my horrible u-haul story from back in 2002. I implore you, do not do business with them. Just because you save a few bucks on propane is no reason to support these monsters.
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Yikes, what a story. I have had a similar bad experience with UHaul and won't use them again either.
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I have had bad experiences with U-haul as well. A local rental company will fill propane for me, I like local businesses anyway.
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At the local Ace I get my 4th fill for free. Since I brew a lot and grill year round it is a nice plus to have. I have also had issues with U Haul when I moved several years ago, but it was not nearly as bad as Evan's story. However, I am going to be moving in the next few months and it is food for thought.

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Originally Posted by Evan! View Post
I don't care if they were doing it for $5. U-Haul is the devil and they will never ever get another dime from me. Here's my horrible u-haul story from back in 2002. I implore you, do not do business with them. Just because you save a few bucks on propane is no reason to support these monsters.
He's supposed to shell out $6 more because U-Haul poked you?

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Feb 2006
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They were great to me as my rental house tenant allowed a neighbor to park a U-Haul car dolly for lifting the front wheels off the ground and towing. It has
a 3,500# capacity I recall plus two years expired tags. I call 4 different U-Haul locations to come pick it up. With no luck after 15 plus calls over 2 weeks I took it to my shop. Stripped the frame down, ground off every weld with the words U-Haul on it, Tig welded over the serial numbers
then ground and flap wheeled smooth. Off my old trailer I restamped this trailer and added my plate. Sand blasted, prime and painted, primed, painted to my trucks colors, it has been licensed for over 24 years and counting. Besides friends borrowing it plus we towed race cars to the drag strip hundreds of times so this has been a very good car dolly for me.
I thank U- Haul for being jerks not wanting to pick up their car dolly.Works for me.
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