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I just setup my kegerator today and the first corny keg I put in was a microbrew since none my homebrew was ready yet. The problem after getting everything setup is that it is very very foamy, almost 90% of the glass is foam. This is after 3-4 pours.

What should I check? The CO2 gauge is set right at 9 PSI, and the keg is slightly chilled. I'm very new to this, so please any advice would be helpful!


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Starting from scratch is the way I always do it. I turn my regulator down to 0, then bleed the pressure off the keg. And I will usually start out around about 5psi. pour a little, if it is not right, then turn it up to 6psi or so, then repeat untill I get a good pour.

Of course there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Such as beer line length and diameter. and there are a ton of websites and I am sure threads around here that tell you how to balance them with a given temp. I would also let the keg sit and even out on the temp, if it is not to serving temp yet.

What are you running for temps and how long are your beer lines?
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Measure the temperature of the beer coming out. If it's over 50f, the CO2 wants to come out of solution. Get it down near 40F. If your beverage line is 1/4" ID, you really should replace it with about 8' of 3/16" ID thickwall tubing.
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Here is the short list run down from my experiences. In no specific order.

1) if you force carbonated, then it is probably overcarbonated. This will lead to extensive foaming, EVERYTIME. Turn the CO2 to the proper pressure for your beer and agitate the keg, then release pressure. Do this a couple of times a day for a couple of days until your keg stabilizes.

2) balance your lines. There is lots of reading on this. If your fridge temp is approximately 40 - 43 deg and you use 6' of 3/16" beer line, you should be allright. This will give you a pressure setting of approximately 10 psi which will result in a carbonation of approximately 2.2 volumes. For more specifics, please read lots because there is lots of other variables.

3) your fridge tempertature needs to be stable!

4) if you are using a tower, the tower needs to be cool! (or the beer in the line on the way to the tap will warm and cause foam)

5) a warm tap will result in about an inch of foam or more on the first pour, (just until the beer cools the tap, you will see condensation)

6) you need to pour the beer correctly / open the taps completely and angle the glass correctly (dont worry, lots of trial and error will perfect this )

Have fun getting it right,

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