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Apr 2006
Phoenix, Arizona
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I'm starting this thread because I have gotten PMs from people asking about my handle and avatar. I'm sure this comes up alot.

Ok, I'll start.

I chose olllllo because I have a '03 Rubicon Wrangler and have had other Jeeps. The 'o's represent the headlights and the 'l's represent the grill. olllllo is never available on the jeep boards, so I nabbed it. I think that there is a certain diy aspect to Jeeping (and classic cars in general) that has a commonality with Home brewing.

When I upgraded my membership I was able to customize my title, so I added tires to my Jeep []-o-[].

As for my avatar, I started with a mounting plate schematic, because that's all I had at work that met the size requirement and I didn't have time to edit/find a suitable one.

My current avatar is a tiki that I carved out of a palm tree.
EDIT: AVATAR GRAVEYARD IS HERE: http://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=24478
Learned how to do it by lurking on other forums. It guards the deep end of the pool above our waterfall. I have three other palm logs to work on, but I'm waiting for the heat to break.

I was considering naming my brewery Tiki Head, because while I was in the carving stages, I placed my brew pot on the Tiki's head so that I could siphon into the primary. I'm really more into the desert (where I live) than I am a tikiphile. I associate tikis with tropical drinks and not beer. In short, I'm not loving the name, but I may name a beer after it.

Anyway, the idea here is to Explain your handle / De construct your avatar.

Also to keep things rolling you can call out someone to explain themselves.

So David_42:

What does this mean?http://www.homebrewtalk.com/image.ph...ine=1152948054
Who is Sluggo?
Do you own a dogwash?
Rabbit And Coyote Schwag
Rob - Phoenix Ambassador to Milwaukee
Where did your avatar go?
Ginger Beer for Moscow Mules Bacon Vodka

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10th-Level Beer Nerd
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May 2006
Adams, MA
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You remember David_42's PREVIOUS avatar? That one was awesome.
Come join Yankee Ingenuity!

"I'm kind of toasted. But I looked at my watch and it's only 6:30 so I can't stop drinking yet." - Yooper's Bob
"Brown eye finally recovered after the abuse it endured in Ptown last weekend, but it took almost a full week." - Paulie
"no, he just doesn't speak 'stupid'. i, however, am fluent...." - motobrewer
"... I'll go both ways." - Melana

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Beer, not rocket science
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Feb 2006
Corrales, New Mexico
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I am a pastor and I brew therefore Brewpastor and the only thing better then a monkey is a monkey stoned on ether.
Before I learned to brew I was poor, sober and lonely. Now I am just poor.

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Mar 2005
Schuylkill Haven, PA
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Originally Posted by Brewpastor
I am a pastor and I brew therefore Brewpastor and the only thing better then a monkey is a monkey stoned on ether.
Because they're easier to take advantage of?
On Deck: Kolsch
Bottled: Apfelwein!

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Feb 2005
Atkinson (near the Quad Cities), IL
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I'm a homebrewer...dash -93 (when I started brewing) was taken, underscore 93 took too long to move my finger from the 9 to the 3 and 99 was faster...ergo, homebrewer_99
HB Bill

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May 2006
Dallas, TX
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Fat Abbot is an old bit-character from South Park. Don't know how it fits me, I'm not fat and I'm white. Just been using the name for years.
Originally Posted by david_42
Sometimes brewing ain't pretty.

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Jun 2006
Plainfield, IL
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olllllo - now I get it! Very creative! And the wheel thing completes the pic!!

Mine isn't nearly as clever - rdwj are my initials. I'm a Jr., so that's why there are 4. I've also found that it's been available on every board I've registered for since I started using it - which is nice.

I picked my avatar because I think that girks making out on beer kegs in kinda hot. Again - not all that clever.
On Tap: Whatever I just brewed (got sick of updating it)

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Old 09-05-2006, 08:40 PM   #8
I use secondaries. :p
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Sep 2005
Cary, NC
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my last name is walker. (shock!) The "-san" is because I wish I was a Ninja.... which was my previous avatar.

My current avatar is Mr. Gumby, a Monty Python character who is supposed to be a brain specialist and is constantly running around saying (in a very stupid voice) "My Brain Hurts!".

It's the Avatar du jour because of my little brain popping a couple weeks ago.
Ground Fault Brewing Co.

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Old 09-05-2006, 08:40 PM   #9
Ale's What Cures You!
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Jun 2006
UP of Michigan, Winter Texan
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We were spending some time around the firepit drinking homebrew when someone said that I was becoming quite a brewmeister. I am a woman (which I indignantly pointed out) and was thus dubbed "brewmistress". The conversation quickly deteriorated due to the level of beer consumed, but the name stuck.

The name of my label, Broken Leg Brewery, came about purely by accident (pun intended). I broke my leg on March 16 while playing in a Geezer Woman's Hockey league. I needed a new hobby so I started making wine. Winemaking takes too long, so I started making beer. The leg never did heal, so I'm looking at bone grafts, surgery, etc. Brewing is difficult with a broken leg, but not impossible. I plan to keep doing it- it's addicting.

Broken Leg Brewery
Giving beer a leg to stand on since 2006

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Jul 2006
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Originally Posted by rdwj
I picked my avatar because I think that girks making out on beer kegs in kinda hot. Again - not all that clever.
Clever? Maybe. Hot? O yeah!

Exo is short for Exodus which I used in the MUD days of text-only on-line gaming. Yup! Exodus caught on and it got hard for me to use the name on some servers so I shortened it. I don't "MUD" anymore but the name sticks.

The avatar? She's hot and she's holding AND drinking a beer. Yup.
Wasp Bitten IPA (a Walker-San clone);Cheesefood's Caramel Creme; Wee Heavy Scottish Ale;
Flyin' Hornet Pale Ale(Mirror Pond clone);Oktoberfest Ale
Boom-Boom Apricot Hefeweisen; Forbidden Ale;Pale-Ass Ale (SNPA Clone); Ol' Man Winter Ale
Dead Guy clone
Walker's Espresso Stout; BrewPastor's Bastard Lager
But honey, how else am I going to get enough bottles for my next batch? *burp*...*fart*

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