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Feb 2011
Littleton, Colorado
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Just kegged and tasted the beer. I can taste the roasted flavor but no spice. I put four peppers in the boil and three in the secondary for 11 days. The beer has good flavor, but I will definitely add more peppers to the secondary next time.

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Oct 2011
Cincinnati, OH
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Give it time. It roasts up after a few weeks. Did you add vodka? The space goes into the vodka.

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Old 04-24-2012, 04:08 PM   #133
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Dec 2008
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Originally Posted by booherbg View Post
Give it time. It roasts up after a few weeks. Did you add vodka?
I'd agree - give it time. If you soaked your "dry" jalepenos in vodka - was the vodka spicy? If you could taste the heat in the vodka, it's going to be there in your beer, just wait on it a little.

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Jun 2009
Houston Texas
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Ok, my gravity is sitting at 1.009 right now so it's time to move forward. But I had left three jalapenos in the vodka after brewing and now am wondering if it's a good idea or not to add them to the beer. They've been soaking for 3 weeks.

I either add these peppers or get a new batch to roast and add. Just don't want to ruin this tasty beer

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Old 04-25-2012, 12:01 AM   #135
Feb 2011
Littleton, Colorado
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Yes, the vodka was very spicy. I already kegged and tossed the peppers so it's probably too late. Think it's possible to add spice to the keg?

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Old 05-12-2012, 04:26 PM   #136
Jan 2012
Newton, MA
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I just read all 14 pages of this page, and this is a brew I'm INCREDIBLY interested in brewing. It'll probably end up being my first all-grain batch, but I don't have all of the equipment for it. I'll probably try to figure out the "brew in a bag" method specifically for this!

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Old 05-12-2012, 05:17 PM   #137
Dec 2010
Elmira, New York
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Def going to brew this one up!

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Old 05-13-2012, 01:23 PM   #138
Jan 2011
Omaha, NE
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This thread inspired me to try something like this. I don't do all-grain yet, but I used Norther Brewer's Speckled Heifer Cream Ale partial mash kit (I did BIAB) and added jalapenos as described in the above recipe. I just used 2 in the boil (I used the whole pepper, including seeds and all) and two cut and scraped in secondary for 6 days. The NB kit is a bit lighter (1.042) than the OP's recipe, so I wanted to go on the low end of heat to ensure it would still be balanced. I kegged this about a week and a half ago and it was quite a bit hotter than I was expecting, but still drinkable. I think it might be mellowing out a little bit. I think next time I might scrape the guts out of one of the peppers that goes into the boil to cool things down a little bit. The Speckled Heifer kit does lend itself well to this and I now want to try it by itself. I think it would be a great summertime lawmower beer and/or an easy beer to convert those new to craft beer.

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Old 05-14-2012, 04:05 PM   #139
Apr 2011
Windsor, Connecticut
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I just kicked my keg of this beer last night, bummer! It is a really great beer and I save it for Cinco De Mayo every year. I chose to go a bit easier on the heat this time, never had to add any jalapeno after fermentation. The heat and aroma/flavor was just enough from the late boil additions. This beer turned out to be the clearest ever for me, looked like a commercial brew!!! I normally don't care about such things, but it was impressive. What a great recipe, I look forward to it again next year!

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Old 05-17-2012, 02:28 PM   #140
May 2012
Salt Lake City, UT
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Just like to add my .02. I just brewed a batch yesterday with a different recipe, partial mash recipe.

for a 5 gallon batch:
1.5lbs 2 row Carapils
1.5lbs 6 row Carapils
1.5lbs Flaked corn
3lbs extra light dry malt extract
.75oz East Kent Golding (60min)
.25oz East Kent Golding (30min)
.25oz East Kent Golding (10min)
White Labs Cream Ale Yeast WLP080
7-10 Jalapanos

steep grains at 150-155 degrees for 30 min. add dry malt with 20 min left in boil. I added 3 grilled/vodka blanched jalapenos sliced in half with seeds and core removed. I would have added more but it was all I had on hand. I plan on adding around 5 more to the secondary. I plan on tasting every few days and adding more to get heat/flavor to my liking. This is my first attempt at a jalapeno beer so i will report back when its finished. I too love the Wasatch Jalapeno Cream Ale at the Wasatch Brew Pub in Park City, UT. I am hoping mine is similar in nature.

Brew on,

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