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I used the factory settings (.039 I believe) and liked the look of the crush. My efficiency has always been around 72%. Well, I'm always hearing "crush till you're scared", so today I tightened it up a bit. What's yours set at?
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Factory default, and I'm too chicken to muss with it.

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Just brewed over the weekend,

Was at gapped at .034 Eff was about 72 - 75.

Tightened gap down to .029 eff went up to about 85% (Into boiler). (Mash in a cooler with a Hot water heater braided line in a loop for a manifold). No problems with a stuck mash.

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I tightened mine to .035, based on the recommendation of a post here on HBT. I had to adjust it anyway, since the rollers weren't quite parallel when I got it, so I figured I'd tighten it up.

I think it gives a very good crush, but I've never actually tested different settings. I've only used it on two brews so far, both a partial mash with double-batch sparging. Didn't get stuck, and I got ~80% efficiency.

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I think this has been done before, but .036

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.037 pretty consistent 75% efficiency.

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I'm at .030 (checked with feelers) and get around 78% with a double batch sparge at 180F. If I stir a few times during the mash (60 min) I've found I can get up to 83% efficiency, but I'm lazy.
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Factory default and 80%+ on every batch.

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I'm just a tiny bit tighter than factory so about .036".

I think that it's a worthwhile test (or series of tests) to measure your conversion efficiency and keep tightening the gap until you get >98% conversion efficiency (before you even start lautering/sparging). Once you're converting everything close to 100% there is no need to go any tighter imo. You'll still lose a bunch of efficiency points in the lauter/sparge but at least now you know exactly where you're losing efficiency because the mash was near 100% converted.

FWIW, @ .036" gap I get ~99% conversion efficiency. I don't get anywhere near that into-the-fermenter though. I lose efficiency in the lauter/sparge, in reserved wort that doesn't go into the kettle, whole hops, etc.
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Originally Posted by wildwest450 View Post
Factory default and 80%+ on every batch.
Same here....
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