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Up until recently, I had a nice way to deal with my spent grain. I would dump it into a homer bucket and give it to my sister, who would kindly take it off my hands and compost it. Now, her compost is full and she can't take any more, and I'm in a bit of a pickle.

For the last two brews, I have been dumping the grain into a giant heavy contractor garbage bag, tying it up, and locking that sweet stuff away for a million years in a plastic tomb. This does not seem right.

There are a few problems here:
1. This is a total waste of the grain
2. This is a waste of a giant plastic bag
3. This makes my garbage can bloody heavy
4. If this ever leaks, it is going to stink to high heaven.

Is there a better way?? I know Widmer has someone pickup all their grain and it gets turned into livestock feed, but I doubt those trucks will want to pull up to my spot. I have also heard some people say they put their grain in the yard debris container? This sounds fine to me but I don't want to do it until I know its ok. Any other tips? I can't make 500 loaves of spent grain bread every week. It has got me wondering what all the small microbreweries and the tons of local homebrewers do.

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You could make a ton of scooby snacks:

Spent Grain Cookies...

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If you want to be all ecofriendly and whatnot if you have woods by your place or a forest preserve just dump it there for any woodland creature to feast on.
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I throw it in the wife's garden although like you said not an option. I can't see why you could not put it in the yard debris thing. Do any of your neighbors have a garden or compost?

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I can't imagine it being a problem in the yard debris container, but I would figure out some way to at least partially dry it first. If that thing gets too heavy they'll refuse to pick it up, I know from experience.

Cellardoor, in Oregon you would get strung up for dumping any kind of refuse in a forest or greenspace, regardless of how eco-friendly it might be.
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You will continue to put only yard debris in the green cart, including weeds, leaves, vines, grass clippings, tree trimmings, fruit and vegetables from your garden, or pumpkins.
Spent grain is sort-of like grass clippings. Maybe you should give Trashco a call.
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In the winter time I just dump the grain into the garden and mix it with used coffee grinds, that's the easiest (and most earth-friendly) way. Now, in the summer time, when the garden is full of tomatoes, basil, jalapenos and cilantro, I have to bury it in the backyard. Sometimes I wonder what my neighbours are thinking when they see me digging another hole in the ground late at night...

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You could try putting an ad on craigslist for anyone to come pick it up. Someone else might want to compost it or feed it to their chickens or other livestock.

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I have been using mine recently in all my beds, it makes a nice mulch, and smells good when you water.

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I just dump it in the backyard with the raspberry & blueberry plants. A few weeks later it is gone.

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