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St. Jon's Wort
Aug 2007
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I have brewed only extract up to this point, but I am considering moving up to all grain and was wondering what is the essential equipment I will need to make the move? I understand I will need a mash-tun and I've heard a grain mill would be highly recommended, but what else would I need?

Just for clarification, I do not plan on brewing all grain for a little while (not until I educate myself better of the full process) but I am trying to get a general idea of the costs involved in making the move up from my extract setup.

I know that most people build their own mash tuns, if anyone could also point me in the right direction for some good online plans that would be great.

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Search around this forum and also you tube. tons of good info. search "easy all grain brewing" in youtube. You will find great tutorials like this one:

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Read up here on the wiki section of the forum
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here are a couple of links that outline simple all grain brewing.

From bobby m
The Single Kettle/Burner Method with a simple picnic cooler MLT:

and denny's

and here is another good one...
Simple All Grain Brewing - German Pilsner

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Nov 2008
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I recently made the switch myself, and have so far brewed 5 all- grain batches. Here's my humble advice:

1) Get the most accurate thermometer you can find.

2) When you make your MLT, go the extra distance and make a manifold out of copper pipe. Search the site for many great designs.

3) Use brewing software such as Beersmith or BeerTools Pro, and take the time to calibrate you equipment. It takes almost all of the guesswork out of AG brewing.

Hope this helps!
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I recently went to AG so realistically you only need 2 pieces of equipment, the MLT and a good thermometer.

I made this, $80:

I bought 2 thermometers, one that Evan! recommended (pricey) and a $20 one at Target (you can find one comparable at Wal-Mart). The $20 is near as accurate, faster and has a timer. Both have magnets. I use both but like the Thermoworks one better but if on a budget, the $20 is great too.

You don't need a mill, get your grains crushed at the LHBS/Online retailer. If they don't crush, choose a different shop.

It took my 3rd try to get my temps correct. I batch sparge and on my 3rd attempt I batch sparged VERY SLOWLY and my effeciency jumped up.

I'm getting into the software, not required if you are given instructions but helps with understanding what is going on better so for your first batch or two use a recipe from this site the specifically says how much water and what temp to mash and sparge with. Ed Worts recipe's ring a bell.

Going AG will require full boils when considering the recipe's. If you have a 30qt you are fine. Basically I went AG for $100 and love it!

Here's some pics of my equip, 3rd batch of brewing AG: Picasa Web Albums - Mike - Double Simcoe...

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