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Jun 2009
Oshawa, Ontario
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So I bought some Carapils for steeping in my next brew but forgot to ask for it crushed.

any good DIY ways of crushing? I'll only be using .5lbs in the recipe. Thinking maybe a wooden roller over it several times while it's in a ziploc bag?...or.. about one good spin in a blender? a wyeast smack I store that in the fridge?

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Jul 2006
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Put it in a cookie sheet that has a lip and crush with a rolling pin. You will do fine. Store the wyeast in the fridge till brew day, then follow directions.

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Dec 2008
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1) Get ziploc bag.
2) Get rolling pin / hammer / big blunt object.
4) ???
5) Profit!

also yes, keep the yeast in the fridge until you smack it (6-12 hours before pitching).
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Feb 2009
Folsom, CA
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Not sure about the grain..

But yes, store the smack pack in the fridge until you're ready to whack it. After you break the inner pouch, leave it out while the yeasties grow.

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Dec 2007
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You're not the only one today, evidently

Look there for our suggestions...

Yes, store your yeast in the fridge until you get closer to brew day, then a couple days before smack it in the morning. Then when you get home make a starter for it and open the pack and add it to the starter...then on brew day you will have plenty of yeast.
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Sep 2007
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No to the blender, yes to a rolling pin. A half pound isn't too bad, you can do that. Might want to look into a brown paper bag instead of ziplock if you can, the plastic might break. As for the smack pack, treat it like steak. You want the yeast to be at about room temp or slightly cooler before smacking/pitching (or grilling a steak). Until then, keep it in the fridge.

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Jul 2009
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I brewed my 2nd batch yesterday and had to crush a pound of grain myself. I used a wooden rolling pin to do it. It took me longer to do it than to brew the beer. I won't be making that newbie mistake again.

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Mar 2009
Edgewood, New Mexico, USA
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I once crushed 3lbs of grain with a rolling pin. I will not be doing that again. Utter punishment. I have since built the pasta maker grainmill on the DIY thread. Check it out, it rocks.

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Sep 2008
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To punish yourself you should crush each grain by hand using needle nose pliers.... You won't forget next time unless your too busy laughing at yourself in the shop...

+1060 on the yeast suggestions above...
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May 2008
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Your first post had all the answers.
If it does not work may I recommend using your head to bang the ziplock bag holding the grains until they are properly crushed.
It will teach you never to forget to crush them again.
Edit: man jtrainer beat me to it.

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