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Just because you can doesn't man you should...
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Wow, thanks for all the quick responses.

As for the capacity issue - I asked because I am very seriously considering opening up a small microbrewery in my hometown and this would the absolute cheapest startup. I'm going to visit another man who did the same thing and work with him for a bit before I do (3 barrel brewing company).

However, I obviously don't want to put myself or anyone else at risk.

Thanks for the tank cleaner recommendation. I'm going to look into how they do it and what it costs.
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My guess is that if you can get the ATF / FDA to approve them for commercial beer production, you should be fine. It's not like chemicals can leech into stainless.

On the other hand, if I knew beforehand that I was about to drink a beer brewed in a former pesticide vessel, it would definitely give me at least a second's pause.

But there's a lot about food and beverage production that I'd rather stay ignorant about. Some things you just can't unknow.
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With 10 of those tanks you would have the basis for a fine microbrewery. Properly cleaned, those things would be food grade with no problem at all.
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I use a ROUND UP weed killer spray container with sprayer that has been washed out with tank wash cleaner from my above reply company and use free vinegar from my friends tanker with sprayer as a weed killer all ther time. Within two days yellow straw weeds plus a few hours of vinegar smell that's about all besides slight cement etching and a hell of a lot cheaper free by the 5 gallon containers. Around my neighborhood are many Mexican hired gardeners and once a couple years ago one with broken English told me "That Good Killer Bad For People". I placed the sprayer in my mouth and gave it a spray job, he about fainted on the spot. To this day I LMAO when I see him and point to my mouth like spraying. Later I showed him a household vinegar bottle "see same ting".
You got yourself a gold mine of a find, sorry your had bad replies almost costing you those tanks. Look down the highway and guess what was in those tankers a load or two before? I bet 1/10% of this forums members or less have worked around food production that you see in your local stores, you will not eat the products if you worked around them watching what goes on. I've been there over the years.
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Take the tanks and run. Those are cleanable with no real problems. Fill them with water after cleaning and get it tested. Thats the cure all solution here.

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+1, clean the hell out of them, using multiple cleaners (separately), then fill the tanks, and a clean jar (control sample) and let sit for a week. Then send the samples off to the lab.
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